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    George likes to play guitar, and workout at the gym. Since I have met Ping some of the things I did on the computer have happily been traded in for chat time with Ping. Those things were online Chess. I need to get my body back into shape and keep it that way. Ping is a bundle of energy and to be fair to her, I need to keep up as much as possible. I will type a few things for Ping here until she has a chance to do it herself. Ping of course is a mother and she is very good at it. She has an accounting degree and works at a large hospital in Shenyang, China. A big interest of her's is studying English. If you had a discussion with her in English over the telephone, I believe it would be difficult for you to tell her native language because through practice and talking with me everyday, she has lost the accent. Ping's passion is aerobics. She loves to work up a sweat. Let me tell you, she gets results too. She is in great shape. Not skinny, but toned and slender. She is an excellent swimmer too. When I was in China, our hotel had a pool and I was very impressed with her swimming ability. She can swim the length of the pool without coming up for air. Also, as many Chinese people she likes to play Mah Jong. I learned to play beginners Mah Jong while I was there and play sometimes here on Yahoo. Everyday I thank God that I have been blessed with a woman as wonderful as Ping.

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    My fiancee's name is Ping and she is from China. I am George from the US. We met online almost 3 years ago. I am 49 and Ping is 39 and has a very good 13 year old son. We knew we were right for each other for a long time. Due to a number of factors, it took time for me to get myself to China. By that time, (June '08) we had pleged to each other that if we felt the same in person as we did online, video/audio online, telephone and the like, that we would press on full ahead and get married. Well we filed the 129F papers October of '08 and were approved mid-January and I couldn't be happier. If things go normally, she should get her visa by June!!! Ping is very happy as am I. The moment we finally met in person was magical. When I visited 7/08, I knew that the woman I was getting to know online for almost 2 years was the same woman standing before me. We both were very honest and that was evident to both of us. It is an unusual way to meet someone. Here I am, madly in love with a woman I haven't even kissed. That didn't last long. I only stayed two weeks. Before I went, that sounded, like a long time, once I was there, I knew I should have gone for longer. Depending on timing, perhaps we will arrange another trip. Both of us have previous marriages with less than happy endings. I gave up on women. I didn't want any more pain. I would allow myself online chats but no serious dating until one night I was online and a woman sent me an IM. She was a little coy or shy or perhaps uncomfortable with the language. We started to send pictures to each other and I saw a young, beautiful, vibrant young woman. At the same time I am wondering what she it thinking of the pictures of a man, nearly bald, 10 years her senior. Frankly, I wouldn't have blamed her if she politely said that I was just too old for her. Instead, she makes no mention of it and seems enthusiastic. So we kept meeting online. We took those first few chats very slow but were very deliberate. I had to pinch myself to believe it was happening. Finally after we declared our mutually strong feelings for each other, curiosity won out and I asked her straight out what she saw in me. Her answer was just like her, straight to the point. I am not going to repeat her answer word for word but what she did say was that she felt our love growing and felt she could build trust with me, and long term we could build a family. Brilliantly simple. That is the beauty of our relationship, it is simple. All we want from each other is love, fidelity, companionship, someone to take care of, someone to take care of me. When I met her parents and extended family everything came into place. Her entire family is made up of very good warm hearted people. I know this story came out one sided but I will try to get Ping to write one. I will say here what I said above. Everyday I thank God that I have been blessed with a woman as wonderful as Ping. I will do all I can to live up to such a blessing.

    I am hoping thru this site and getting to know how long it takes people to get approval from various parts of the country, I can make some kind of plans for our future. I have heard that it is difficult to make plans in an immigration situation. I have to try though. We are not rich people so if I knew that there was a substantial time I have to wait in the US where nothing happens, perhaps I would to go China and teach English. If you speak English as your native language it is easy to get a job there making pretty good money teaching English. I would also be able to live with my fiancee. Anyway, I think that about sums it up. I am an open person. Ping's English is excellent so if anyone wants to talk with us, we would be honored. Zai Jian

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