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    vicmo got a reaction from Darnell in Taxes and Citizenship denial!   
    Stop giving bad advice! Married fling separately doesn't even have anything to do with previous years! The OP was single in 2008, 2009 and if it is determined that they need to file for those years, they should put their filing status as 'single non-resident alien' for those years
    Below are both the tax form and instructions for 2009. The tax tables change every year, so you need to make sure you use the appropriate one
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    vicmo reacted to angus28 in N-400 OCTOBER 2012 FILLERS   
    Hi all - for those whose biometrics have already been taken, did you realize that the last update date in your USCIS account changed to the date when your biometrics were taken or stayed the same date when they mailed you the biometrics notice?
    Just curiosity..
    Thanks for your inputs..
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