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    Danu got a reaction from Crailslide in USCIS i-485 status? why still "acceptance"?   
    Sometimes the status tracker on there is very off. My K1 for example still shows that its pending while I am now in the process of removing conditions. I wouldn't be worried, it could take awhile for it to update, or it might not at all.
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    Danu got a reaction from Brother Hesekiel in Cal. DL is about to expire, but still NO GC   
    on the website it says
    Notice of Action (I797 Approved Petition) must indicate approved extension of stay or change in status that grants temporary or permanent residency, or indicates that an original, duplicate or renewal Resident Alien card is forthcoming.
    I would print out this section and go back with this in hand. If I get the same news you did that is my plan, because it does say right on the site that our extension letter is good enough for a drivers license.
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    Danu got a reaction from Kathryn41 in EI while waiting for Green card?   
    One thing to add, though you won't be eligable for EI until you have your EAD or greencard (whichever gets to you first) you do need to make sure you apply for it right away so that it doesnt get disqualified. They will just put your claim into a kind of limbo until you can get them a copy of your EAD or greencard and start paying you as of the date the card was issued.
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    Danu got a reaction from HeatDeath in EI while waiting for Green card?   
    One thing to add, though you won't be eligable for EI until you have your EAD or greencard (whichever gets to you first) you do need to make sure you apply for it right away so that it doesnt get disqualified. They will just put your claim into a kind of limbo until you can get them a copy of your EAD or greencard and start paying you as of the date the card was issued.
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    Danu got a reaction from La Souris in Scheduling appointment   
    Not in Canada. They are just Interac cards, not like here where they are issued by a credit company. The only way to use Canadian debit cards is in person.
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    Danu got a reaction from Sweetcheeksss in Scheduling appointment   
    Not in Canada. They are just Interac cards, not like here where they are issued by a credit company. The only way to use Canadian debit cards is in person.
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    Danu got a reaction from CanuckChick in Dreaded MIL visit..   
    I know you mean the very best with your mother in law, but I would like to take a moment to recount what happened to my mom. When we were little, my mom would have to get us all ready to go over to my grandma's house a half hour away. Its not a huge distance but with 2 little ones (and I know I was more than a handful) it was a lot of work. She would get there and they would put her to work the second she got through the door, helping make the food etc. After the X-mas meal was enjoyed (and grandma's meals were family affairs - talking 30+ ppl) everyone else would leave and she would get stuck doing dishes. One time she decided to sit down for a bit because she was exausted from dealing with us and everything else and one of the family members let some little snide remark about being lazy go. This was the point my mom snapped. She told them she had 2 little ones and while everyone else was enjoying christmas, she was working like a slave so people could eat and have fun, and that she was no longer going to do everything. This was also the point the rest of the family stopped seeing her as the foreign no good wife who could be pushed around. If your MIL has hands, next time make her write her own damn address labels. Shes ging to push you around for years unless you put your foot down and refuse to be treated as her private secretary. If you want to make it a nice-ish transition into "Do it yourself!" get her a program that stores addresses that she can print labels out from.
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    Danu got a reaction from Kathryn41 in Postcard Exchange!   
    Ditto, I wanted to join once I have more money and can get into it but... I actually find it all a bit insulting and I'm not even in it! It sounds like people are being accused, without fact, of not sending things on purpose, and to me that seems just hurtful. Reading back I saw a couple people were late due to real life stuff (like a wedding) and I'm sure a couple ones may have gotten lost in the mail but it really didn't seem like its a HUGE issue as its being made to seem. Also, giving people 3 months to send their cards is basically like them resending the ones now that go missing, so I don't see how this is going to help anything. Unfortunately on my end, I can't see myself joining in this awesome activity when the risk of being accused of being negligent because of real life situations is there. It would be fun, but only till I get lectured at for sending my card out late, and then I'd be pretty upset.
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    Danu got a reaction from Kathryn41 in The Vent Part Quatre   
    Pft, road rules in california:
    Blinkers are optional, middle fingers are the ideal way to say you wanted to merge in.
    Never look before you merge, they have to get our of your way, you don't have to make sure that they can.
    Constant swirving into lanes that arent your own makes sure that other drivers on the road are awake so do this at every chance.
    Green means stop, yellow means slow down, red means speed up and go through anyway, beeping at any of the ******'s who DARE try to turn on their green light.
    Likewise, stopsigns are a suggestion.
    Speeds - Never go the speed limit. You must always go either 10+ above or below the speedlimit but never the actual speed limit. If you are the only one of 2 people on the highway, driving at 45 is suggested, preferrably in front of the other person.
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    Danu got a reaction from leonsgal70 in Consulate Review!   
    Where to begin!
    I arrived in Montreal Sunday night, after a bit of getting lost I finally found my hotel. I stayed at Le Square Phillips which is an absolutely beautiful hotel. A bit pricey but a great room with a kitchenette. It felt like a little apartment, was very clean and the staff were super friendly. I ate at a little Mexican place on Peel St (about 5 blocks from the Consulate.. a 10 minute walk) called Carlos and Pepes. They had really good guacamole and chicken Fajitas.
    I was planning on being up at 6ish so I could be awake, grab Timmies (about a 1 minute walk from the hotel) and get to the consulate, which was only a 5 minute walk away. I woke up before my alarm (5:40 ew) so I was awake and out the door before I expected. Got to the consulate at about 6:15 and lined up on the side with the yellow posts. At around 6:30 I was joined by Tdotgirl who is really nice, and another girl came at about 6:45. Shes not on VJ but she does read it. Dalene was shortly after that. We all stood in line and had a good laugh at the people who lined up on the other side thinking they would get in ahead of us. They looked angry when the security dude told them to go to the end of the line behind all of us.
    They opened the doors just shortly after 7:30. You give them your Passport and appointment letter, so have those out. The security guards seemed a little stressed, make sure you just wait for them to give you instructions or you will get a stern talk to like I did (I put the box with my coat on the belt to go through the scanner, apparently you aren’t suppose to do that on your own). They then get you to walk through a metal detector, give you a letter (underneath said letter is the window you will be called to) and get you to walk down the stairs and sit on a chair while you wait for the elevator. They give you the list of things to get ready, but quite a few things they ask for are left off the list. At 7:45 the elevator guard comes down and collects all the people with letters A through E and takes you up to the 19th floor. You go sit at the far end of the room and wait to be called. As I had letter A I was called first, to window 11.
    The lady behind the window was very very nice. She has long blonde hair, and a great bubbly personality. She asked for (in order..though most of the order seemed random): My passport, the DS-160, DS-156k and 2 copies of the DS-156, my Birth Cert and copy, copy of my bio page, medical (without the xray), the letter of intent, I-134 and supporting documents, my police check, photos, and my expresspost envelope. I think that was all. Then she gave me a piece of paper to take to the cashier at window 14. This is important so make sure you remember it. You DO NOT have to line up behind everyone else waiting on the right side of the red separator. Stand on the left side of it. You will be called to the window first. Then I went back, gave it to her and sat down to wait for a little bit while she got something ready to take my fingerprints. You do left hand first, all fingers together flat on the screen, then right hand, then your thumbs. After that she sent me back to the waiting room to be called.
    I really don’t remember how long it was, not long though, maybe 10-15 minutes? And I got called to room 8, which is in the little hallway (I have encluded a rough sketch of where the rooms are so you have an idea where you are going!) I walked in, and there was Paul Mayer behind the glass. He really is super friendly, really smiley. After I did the oath, he said everything looked great, told me I had to sign something and then it would be pretty much a home run. As others have said he told me he had to ask me a few questions just because. He asked me how we met, when we figured out it was the real deal, when we decided to get married and if I’m planning to work when I move and what I’d like to do. For the proof of support he kind of said something along the lines of “I see you brought a huge attaché with you, is there anything good in there you want me to see?” He said what he really loves asking is for your 1 or 2 favorite photos. I gave him my favourite photo and the birthday card Wes sent me, he gave me both back. He congratulated me on being approved and asked how I felt now. I was so relieved I almost started crying in the booth lol. He told me he had to go through some of the stuff with me on how long the visa lasted for, the time limit to get married, filing AOS. We talked about VJ during the interview too and he assured me like he assured others that they are doing everything in their power to get the backlog of CR1 and K1’s out the door, that part of the problem with the backlog as well as staffing and summer rush is that of visa’s that have number limits on it and the need to crank them out as fast as possible so that other countries don’t steal any of them. He also told me Fridays are K1 only days, so thats why so many people have gotten Friday dates
    It was easy and painless like everyone said and I wish I hadn’t freaked out so much. Mr. Mayer did a great job putting me at ease and I’d like to thank everyone at the consulate for making the day nice and smooth.

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    Danu got a reaction from VanessaTony in tried calling the 1800 hotline   
    I would try to get through to someone then instead of using the number in the phone system, as its usually the same as what you see online. To get through I usually use the "I don't know my reciept number" option or something similar, gets you through to a live person, but they may not have any more info for you than you see online.
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    Danu got a reaction from Darnell in approval at interview?; travel after?   
    I was told at mine that if I needed proof for work or anything that I would need to make an infopass to get the stamp.
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    Danu reacted to az110965 in Extended wait time after embassy interview   
    It sounds like your case is in AP (Administrative Processing). More than likely your fiancee's name came up in a routine database check for criminal history in their country (this can happen if your fiancee has a fairly common name).
    Unfortunately AP can last anywhere from several weeks to several months, so at this point the only option is to wait. I would try to contact the DOS and ascertain if you're still in AP. Check back with them once a week until you are finished...
    Good luck,
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    Danu got a reaction from Brother Hesekiel in Vaccinations, pregnancies, and a green card   
    All they require is your shots to be up to date at the time of filing. The info that she will need a shot in 6 months is for your information. You are only required to have started your series of vaccines, not to have completed them, to get your greencard, so there wouldn't be any conditions on her vaccinations or anything.
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    Danu got a reaction from Nik+Heather in Vaccination Certification Questions   
    Ok so I can't find anything that specifially says you don't need another TB test, but it falls under the fact that you don't need a whole new medical, just the vaccination portion (which it says on the form instruction). Are there any other CS's in your area?
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    Danu got a reaction from Nik+Heather in AOS   
    At this point you will need to do all the normal AOS forms plus the I-130 (petition for a spouse) to adjust, as you were over the 90 days. The cost is an extra $355.
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    Danu reacted to Usui Takumi in USCIS... DENIALS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN...   
    Unfortunately the issue of sex offenders is not a black and white issue any longer. We need only look under our bridges or within tent cities to realize that we as a society have gone too far. Yet apparently we are not done. We apparently are willing to charge the under aged for these crimes using the very laws that were meant to protect them.
    The US can only hang its head in shame on this subject.
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    Danu got a reaction from Nik+Heather in Photos for AOS   
    as I said in another thread of yours, if they are going to RFE you for something, they will RFE you. Its not the end of the world, you just gather what they need and send it back as quickly as you can and they will continue on your case. Do not attempt to send anything in until they RFE you (if they do) as it will not be linked to your file. Also...BREATHE. You need to calm down just a teeny bit, it sucks that you forgot something but its not going to get you denied. The very worst they would do at this stage is send the whole packet back to you, you fix it and send it back to them.
    Please refrain from making 6 posts about the same topic as well, someone will come along and answer your questions eventually.
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    Danu got a reaction from Nik+Heather in Help Please!!!   
    if you filled out all your forms in your maiden name instead of your married name they will not automatically change it. you will have to wait for the GC to be approved and then file another form to get it changed and get a new card, which i believe is around $300. As for SSN, if your I-94 has expired or is less than 14 days till expiry they will not change the name, you will have to wait till you get your EAD/GC and then take that as well as your marriage certificate (as long as you changed your name on it) with you to the SSN office to change it.
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    Danu reacted to justashooter in just got merried :)   
    maybe a course in english?
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    Danu got a reaction from TimandJoyce in Why all the fuss about the 2010 Census   
    I'm going to assume most people will know exactly how many people will be in their house in 2 weeks, unless they are pregnany and expecting sometime really soon, or if something unfortunate should happen, and therefore they can fill it out and send it out ahead of time based on the knowledge that random people aren't going to suddenly be living in their closets.
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    Danu reacted to Brother Hesekiel in Why all the fuss about the 2010 Census   
    Now, that I find interesting, and that's as politely as I can phrase it.
    The form we received asks specifically how many people lived in the household as of April 1, 2010. If you, Kathryn, or anybody for that matter, mailed in their form with a number assigned to that question, I wonder how you were able to establish an event that has not happened yet, as it is assigned to a date of the future.
    Either one takes the Census seriously, which would imply a simple inability to mail it back before April 1, 2010, or one thinks it's a bunch of BS and a waste of taxpayers' money, which would imply one could fill in anything, claim to be an Pacific Islander of some form, and so on. Who really cares.
    What is impossible, however, is to have mailed it back already, and to take it seriously, as it is impossible to have answered the questions truthfully and have mailed it back at this point in time.
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    Danu got a reaction from trillium13 in Simple biometrics question   
    I do recommend if you are the female and have changed your name that you bring some ID in your new name. If you dont have any, bring your marriage cert. They sent me back to get mine as I have no ID in my new name yet, but they need proof of your legal name change.
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    Danu reacted to TBoneTX in Any kind of help, plz i-485 Denied -signed deportation document   
    If you did this, then have a safe trip back to your country.
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    Danu reacted to Kimbear in The Vent - Part Trois   
    Frances, what you need to do is sit the hubby down and say to him that he better make time for you as a family or else. you didn't go through all these dang hoops for nothing ya know eh?
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