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    Hugglebuggles got a reaction from Dave&Roza in Questions about filing for my ROC.   
    To help ease your mind a little, I never received confirmation of our address change and USCIS even mailed the ROC filling reminder to our old address. It wasn't an issue at all, they just sent all future correspondence to the address on the ROC form. Also, I'm not on the mortgage or deed of our home either. Same situation as you, I couldn't be put on the mortgage because of my lack of credit, and I was told I couldn't be on the deed, which was wrong, but I didn't know it at the time. That wasn't an issue either. I did write a short letter explaining this and had both my husband and I sign.
    As for the baby, it is good evidence, but I wouldn't wait to file because of it. If they end up issuing you an RFE for more evidence, you can just send it then. The extra time an RFE will take is still probably less than the extra time you will take to wait to file after the baby is born. Besides, once the little one comes you won't want to worry about this stuff for a while! Congrats by the way!
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    Hugglebuggles got a reaction from TheFantastics09 in New Embassy Rules   
    That's weird, because when I was there I don't remember it being very busy. The waiting area was maybe 1/4 full? Its probably really busy some days and slower the next depending on the day of the week or something like that.
    But in any event, aren't USC's automatically granted access to an American consulate? I remember reading a review on here a while back where the Canadian brought her fiances mother because he was deployed overseas and wanted the support. She was allowed in with her American passport I do believe. But if you were to bring your Canadian mother, they wouldn't let her in, because she is an "extra relative" I could be wrong. In any event, I don't think the guidelines on the website apply to fiances/spouses.
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    Hugglebuggles reacted to alex and astrid in SO Unfair   
    I honestly don't care how long it takes to process my ROC. My life is carrying on as normal, just as it did before I filed. If I don't get approved before January next year, I'll file my N400. No need to get annoyed.
    God forbid that people be given a chance at the American Dream that we have all been given....
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    Hugglebuggles reacted to BlueBonnet in Very upsetting answers on Visajourney   
    Without having read previous posts from the OP, people who come here do need to understand, that unless they are asking a specific question, on a specific form, where the question is straighforward, and therefore the answer will be straighforward, that anything else is pretty much up for debate and opinions. We can offer up our personal experiences and hopefully some knowledge. The poster is going to get our opinions and possibly our judgements.
    Any person who uses any open site, posts any question ( that isnt direct and specific ) is going to get some responses that they possibly dont like.
    If you arnt willing to read up immigration rules and laws and learn on your own, where you make the choice to ask questions, you are putting yourself out there for any and all responses. And the OP of any thread is open to this, because they have opened the door for it.
    There is no point to rant and rave over what you view as unfair and judgemental responses . . . its going to happen. So your choices are, read the guidelines, hire a lawyer, ask only specific questions to specific forms. If you choose none of those, and still post, then you have to be open to peoples opinions.
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    Hugglebuggles reacted to afoyoswa in Very upsetting answers on Visajourney   
    I just read back through all of your many threads on this topic, and all I saw was people being unfailingly helpful in trying to point out potential issues that may arise with the evidence you are planning to present in support of your case. I'm guessing this latest tirade from you is probably going to quash that helpfulness pretty effectively, though. Maybe it's time to take a breather from Teh Internetz if you're getting this worked up about what total strangers say to you in an online forum?
    Remember, though: no matter how well or how badly you do at convincing people on VJ of whatever you are trying to prove, it won't make a whit of difference in your immigration process what people at VJ think.
    All that matters is the evidence. No, it doesn't feel good to live your life being constantly aware of the necessity of creating evidence along the way for future immigration processes, but it's part of the reality of being in an international relationship, and most of us are used to it by now (or getting there).
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    Hugglebuggles reacted to Stuart and Thea in "The" Walmart   
    lol, my mom is British so I probably get it from her then!
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    Hugglebuggles got a reaction from TheFantastics09 in Got Baby? Avez vous un bebe?   
    Thanks gals!
    Its hilarious you all say you had a feeling about the sex, because I was convinced this baby was a boy! I felt her move really early and she's a rough tumbler, so in my mind that was a boy trait. I was shocked. But also excited! There will be pretty pink dresses galore.
    I am sending you girl vibes canadiandggal! I know 3 other girls who are prego right now, and only 1 is having a boy, so i say the odds are in your favor.
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    Hugglebuggles got a reaction from TheFantastics09 in What do you like best about Tim Hortons?   
    They did it to all the hot drinks! And did you know they have a white hot chocolate now? Its pretty good. The peach was always one of my favorites too. When I worked there I drank way too much of it.
    They opened a Tim Hortons/Cold Stone combo store in Niagara Falls. I was reeeeally excited when i went back home in February and saw it. Its an amazing combination!
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    Hugglebuggles got a reaction from TheFantastics09 in Got Baby? Avez vous un bebe?   
    Its a girl!
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    Hugglebuggles reacted to forgivennt4saken in DO they deport me if my fiance leave me in US?   
    I hate to sound judgmental, but from the sounds of the post it seems like you are planning to split up once you get to the US and just trying to figure out how long you have to hold out. Don't focus on the negative. If you love her and she loves you, you should be focusing on keeping it that way.
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    Hugglebuggles got a reaction from VanessaTony in How to assemble I175 documents? Getting ready for our ROC. PLS HELP?!   
    Don't over think it. Organize it in a way that is logical to you. Personally, we just slipped everything into an envelope with a binder clip. They will just take it all apart and organize it their own way, just like they did with your visa petition.
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    Hugglebuggles reacted to riri82 in Joint Credit Card Statement   
    wow, maybe just me ,people just try to respond your post and you seem ..
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    Hugglebuggles got a reaction from Kathryn41 in interview june 18...planned travel to US july 3   
    I would email Montreal and ask about rescheduling more then once. I don't think this is an issue.
    Yes, your son faces the same issues as you. He has a visa in his passport with the intent to immigrate to the US.
    Flames is right. It doesn't matter if you get it in writing. The decision is completely up to that one CBP agent on the day you cross. The president could write you a letter and it still isnt a guarantee.
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    Hugglebuggles got a reaction from Marilyn. in Got Baby? Avez vous un bebe?   
    Its a girl!
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    Hugglebuggles reacted to Inky in A little Confused   
    Nope please read again. K-1 book their own interview. read my post like I said! I made a LIST in ORDER of what the OP needs to do. Booking their interview is LAST on the list of things for them to do.
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    Hugglebuggles got a reaction from Inky in A little Confused   
    Clearly inky was simply pointing out the next steps. There is no suggestion she has an interview yet. She is a K-1, so NVC does not set her interview, the Montreal consuate does. If her petition was approved over 2 weeks ago, there is a very good possibility she already has a case number. Her next steps are consulate specific, so perhaps lets let the people with experience working with the Montreal consulate direct her forward
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    Hugglebuggles reacted to Visitor in Thinking of a divorce after his Visa approval a week ago.   
    WHOA back up here.....he's complaining about your American way of doing things but he wants to come to America??? Major red flag!!! If he doesn't like your American side, ways and culture then he doesn't like YOU and that's not going to change.
    He's just using you to get here but for what reason? He speaks about America in a derogative manner so his reasons for wanting to come here can't be good at all. Red flag!!!
    Why would HIS family tell you NOT to go there? Another RED FLAG!!! Yeah right!! "We don't want you but we want your money"! Unbelievable!!
    This guy has an agenda. DO NOT send him money. Get a divorce and cancel his petition BEFORE he gets here.
    So many times I read here in these forums about men who do this to American women yet the woman still doesn't want to "hurt him" or hinder his green card process. (OK sometimes it happens the other way around too where the man is used by a woman)
    I ask WHY??? Why do these people who are being used still want to help these people?? The mind boggles. The man obviously doesn't have feelings for you and only wants money sent. You even said the only thing he even talked to you about on the phone was his paperwork or wanting money and tickets sent to get him here. Don't do it!!!
    Don't let him manipulate you! If he gets here you AND your parents will be responsible for him financially. You want to prevent that.
    Get a divorce, Don't send money! Don't send a ticket and Don't tell him anything! Don't tell your parents either. Just do it!
    I wish you the strength to do what you know is right for YOU. You don't owe him (or his family) anything!
    Strength and courage to you.
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    Hugglebuggles got a reaction from Matt & Bing in REMOVE CONDITIONS ON RESIDENCE   
    There is really no need to send your marriage certificate, birth certificates, or social security cards. USCIS already has this information.
    Your list of evidence looks great!
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    Hugglebuggles reacted to CentaursLady in POE Yesterday, April 16   
    Congrats!!!!! For getting across without any problems, AND your upcoming wedding!! My most major sigh of relief was getting across that border! My crossing at Manitoba/ND has been notorious for trouble on both sides of crossing. They are often in the news.
    I only had a car full of stuff, and was suprised that they never even checked anything. They would have seen lots of HP sauce, Fleichmens rising yeast (american stuff just does not get fluffy enough) and half a back seat of Old Dutch potato chips and a huge bag of Canadian chocolate bars!! (Which my man ate the last one yesterday )
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    Hugglebuggles reacted to Kimbear in AOS processing- what to expect?   
    Inky is correct Minu. And yes its for other types of visa's.
    If you read the instructions on the USCIS site for filing I-765 here http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=73ddd59cb7a5d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1RCRD&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1RCRD you will see the following:
    Special Instructions :
    If you filed a Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, on July 30, 2007, or after, and you paid the I-485 application fee required, then no fee is required to file a request for employment authorization on Form I-765. You may file the I-765 together with your I-485, or you may submit the I-765 at a later date. If you file Form I-765 separately, you must also submit a copy of your Form I-797C, Notice of Action, receipt as evidence of the filing of a Form I-485.

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    Hugglebuggles reacted to NigeriaorBust in My CR-1 visa interview is next week I NEED HELP!!!   
    You come to ask advise but you have your heart made up all ready that you will come to the US if you get a visa not matter how dark a lie you are making. The visa you applied for is for a couple to be together, yet you are no longer a couple. You have posted on a public board monitored by immigration and you are destined for AP where they will look at things closer. Is your soon to be ex still willing to sponsor you ? Does she know that she is on the hook for the affidavit of support long after you will be lying in the arms of another woman. If you sign divorce papers right after getting to the US you will be trying to remove conditions with no proof of have a valid relationship. Getting to the US is not the end of the battle and you are almost sure to lose your green card if you get it in the first place. If you want to do the right thing , which I doubt you do , you would call off the current interview, divorce the current wife and start a fresh and honest immigration process with your new love. If not you are no better than the 419 boys that Nigeria is known for. It is the type that scam their way through life that gives Nigeria a name good Nigerians hate. And from your words so far I see you are one of the bad boys.
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    Hugglebuggles reacted to CarolinaGirl in IR1/CR1 How long from NVC completion to finding out interview time   
    1. I was looking at the timelines as far as when others had NCV completion until their interview and comparing the times and most seem to be between 1.5 to 2.5 months apart. My question is how long from NVC completion until you were notified of your interview date? We received NVC completion March 22, and we will need to book airfare and such for our interview so I'm a little anxious to find out when?
    2. Also my in-law's (who live in Ontario) have offered to cover my airfare cost(I'm the USC) so that myself and our 8 month old daughter can come out as well and they can see us... well really the baby is who they want to see. They have offered to watch her for a couple of days while we go to the interview, but I'm wondering if it doesn't help our case a little to have her with us? Anyone have any insight into this? Is it better for my husband to go by himself to the interview, or for myself and or our wee babe to accompany? I kind of thought we would get the sympathy vote if we have a baby with us, but maybe they are heartless
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    Hugglebuggles reacted to Nina~ in sending money to his family (long)   
    RKK, I have been reading your posts for a while now but I never really felt the need to reply because you are already getting wonderful advice from everyone else here. As a 3rd person, who has heard only your side of the story, here are the Red Flags I have observed so far:
    1) You felt like he pushed you towards a commitment too fast and you felt uneasy about that. For crying out loud, he had to ask you 30 times before you said yes!!!! As a woman, you need to learn to trust your intuitions. If you have a gut feeling that something is not right, don't try to explain it away. You have no regrets now, but remember that you are still in the honeymoon phase. Of course everything is hunky dory when you go to visit him because you guys are going to be on your best behavior because it is another mini-honeymoon. And I strongly believe that this is not cultural. My Indian parents dated for 11 years before they got married, and this was back in the 70's. I know several Indian people who dated for many many years or had extended engagements and did not rush into marriage just because their parents approved and the stars aligned the right way.
    2) You feel like he is too clingy and that makes you feel uncomfortable. Again, listen to your gut.
    3)He holds grudges. This means that your fights never get resolved. It just gets buried till the next big fight for it to rear it's ugly head. Big no no.
    4) He feels like he is being enslaved. This is a very dangerous feeling because whether his feelings are justified or not, he will eventually try to break free from his "enslavement". His feelings might not seem logical to you, but those are his feelings and they are quite real to him.
    5) "But he loves me and treats me better than anyone else has in the past!" As a previous poster mentioned, love is not enough to hold a relationship together. The person who coined the phrase "love conquers all" needs to have their head examined.
    6) He uses guilt to get his way with you. This is extremely manipulative, and normal people do not do things like that.
    7) He has no qualms about changing the rules of the game whenever it suits him. This is called Bait & Switch, and I don't see how you can trust a person like that. Keep in mind, people change and grow as they become older & wiser. But it is a serious red flag where he will tell you one thing and change his mind a few days/months later when he decides that it is not in HIS (not yours & not both of you as a couple, but only his) best interests. I remember you commenting in your previous thread about his parents visiting that he agreed to you at first knowing that he can get you to change your mind after the wedding. Again, this is super manipulative.
    8) He gets depressed & cries when his friends remind him that he got no dowry from your family. Seriously.. yuck. Read between the lines, he is marrying up and makes no balls about it. On top of that, he gets sad that he is not getting more out of this marriage?
    9) Entitlement issues. I dont understand this.. You owe his family a car because your dad bought you one, and now he needs to get his family one to help them to keep up with the Jones? I honestly can't believe a grown adult man would say something like this to his wife. You owe him NOTHING. Even if he had to sell his left kidney to be with you, it does not entitle him to send you into more debt. As someone who has been paying student loans for 3 years now and still have not made a dent, I can tell you that you will end up resenting him for this later on. Trust me RKK, my loans are not nearly as bad as yours but it is extremely frustrating to see the balance inching down at a snail's pace.
    10) ME ME ME ME ME: This whole saga seems like how it is always about his ego & his need to help his family rather than your needs or even his parents needs (unless they are secretly demanding he does all this behind your back).
    These are just a couple of points I see aside from the most obvious things that everyone else has mentioned. Only you can decide how much you will put up. His family & friends might tell you how lucky you are to marry him, but remember only you get to see a side of him that nobody else does. Only you can decide what is best for you in the long run.
    Edited for Grammar.
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    Hugglebuggles reacted to milimelo in sending money to his family (long)   
    OP, you're digging yourself deeper than ever. On previous topics you were adamant not to even file for him yet you did it. Whatever happened to his TB anyways?
    And now, even though you realize what you want him to be will never happen and he will never change - you're still not getting it. A year from now, he'll probably be in the US, possibly working and sending all his money to parents and brother. You'll be left alone paying for the entire household expenses and your students loans - no where near to having a child. Come naturalization time husband will get his parents over who will live in your apartment, soon brother will join too (student visa was talked about).
    I'd take a double take before proceeding paying for his immigrant visa or sending in paperwork for NVC... Because once he has his immigrant visa and green card, you're on the hook.
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    Hugglebuggles reacted to cdneh in new here.. :)   
    I almost wish people wouldn't trot this out. It hardly ever happens, only twice I can remember, or have heard of. That little paragraph has done more to instill false hope in couples who have none, who have not met the requirements, and by having not met before filing, will be denied.
    In the first instance, the gentleman USC was totally bed bound. He could clearly not travel anywhere. His fiancee tried many times to get a visitors visa, and she was denied each time
    Second time involved some obscure religious sect that would not allow people to meet before they were married, or be together, even with a chaperone.
    Burn, your fiance is waiting on something that will never come. You won't get a NOA2. USCIS do not care that he stated in the petition that he meant to come and see you after he filed. They don't care about his business hours and when he can take a vacation. This is no way constitutes extreme hardship to him.
    He needs to grasp that there are requirements. Close enough doesn't count. He needs to understand that he must comply, every time, with the things USCIS want, and the order in which they want them. The sooner he knows that he isn't the one calling the shots here, the better off your journey will be.
    When your petition arrived at USCIS, your paperwork was taken apart, put in the order they want it to be, and put in a box. The cheque was cashed. The box went on to a shelf where it still sits. Once it goes for adjudication, and the person reading your paper work sees that he filed a month before you met in person it will be denied. If you filed in December, it could still be months before anyone actually looks at it, and when they do, and reject it for having not met the requirements, you will have to refile. All that time you were waiting for a NOA2 will be lost, and you will have to start over again.
    You need to have him withdraw, and begin again.
    i talked to my fiancee and he said that we will wait for the NOA2 and wait for their instructions. coz he stated in I-129F that he will meet me in January 2012( which he did) and that is the only time he can take a vacation and does not conflict with the normal business operation..
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