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    Skydiving, Scubadiving, Mixed Martial Arts, Traveling Abroad, Spending the rest of my life with the Love of my life and our beautiful daughter

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    I met my fiance thru a cell phone chat site called AirG. You all in the Philippines know what this is. We met thru blind luck on April 7th 2007 when I was just browsing thru messages that people had posted on AirG when I stumbled across one that said, " Is anyone out there interested in chatting with a lil filipina girl?" I figured what the heck. I love the Philippines having been there twice before when I was in the military back in the 80's. We started chatting and she told me that she was from Angeles City. Not thinking, I thought she was talking about Los Angeles here in the states. We continued chatting several times before I realized that she had no idea what I was talking about when I spoke about how much I liked visiting Los Angeles and all the different things there were to do there. It was when I asked her "Where in Los Angeles are you from?" That she replied, "No, I'm not from there I'm from Angeles City in the Philippines." We both laughed about it but she was suprised that I knew exactly where that was as there is an air base their. It used to be a U.S air base called Clarks Field. Anyway we continued texting and talking on the phone. It wasn't long before we both knew that there was something special here. We decided to exchange pics of each other and soon thereafter started chatting via YM using webcams. We truly did fall for each other..hard and I decided that I was going to take a trip back to the Philippines to meet her in person. I live about two hours away from St. Louis Missouri and flew from St. Louis to Manila on june 12 of 2008. Upon arriving I was greeted by many of her family members. We stayed in Manila at the Crowne Plaza for three days then I took her on a trip to Borocay for two weeks. We had an absolute blast. Borocay is great and neither of us wanted to leave. We extended are stay there for a few more days bacause their was a tropical storm there that kept us pretty much isolated to our hotel room earlier in our trip, which by the way didn't bother either one of us in the slightest:) After having to say goodbye to Borocay we went back to Manila, drove to her home in Pampanga and visited with her family for a few days. She has an incredible family that treated me just like one of the family. After a few days in Pampanga, I decided to take Karen to a resort in Subic since I dad not seen the base since I was stationed there. Again, we had an incredible time. I knew at this point that I was completely and totally in love with this adorable lil filipina. She totally stoled my heart as apparently I did to her as well. We knew we were meant for each other and wanted to spend our lives together. Needless to say I had no idea of the arduous journey we had in front of us. After leaving Subic I had planned a trip to Zamboanga to go to a diving resort there. I really wanted to take Karen scuba diving but unfortunatley with the current instability of the region she didn't want to go there..probably a good idea. Anyway, we decided to go back to her home so that I could say good bye to her family and friends. They had a big going away party and it was a lot of fun. It really meant a lot to me. After drowning myself in about case of San Miguel I hired a driver to take us back to Manila to spend our last week together. We tried to enjoy every last moment as we knew that it would be a while before we would be together again. On July the 21st the day had come that we both were dreading. It was time for me to go back home to the states. When I got home I immediately started looking into and started the K1 process. On April 28th 2009 Karen had her interview at the USEM and it was approved!!! All we are waiting on now is the crba as we have a beautiful little girl now who is almost six weeks old. Her name is Mylea. She's our lil angel. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read our story and if anyone has any questions on the K1 process please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help in any way that we can. God bless you all and good luck on your visa journey.

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