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    Jess and I first met around 10 years ago online using "Mirc" (one of the first forms of interent chat). We basically chatted everyday online and on the phone. We both got along great and realised that there was some kind of connection between us. Unfortunatley we never got to find out as we lost touch.. neither of us knows why but we were both very young and ended up with huge phone bills etc etc. There was no way at that point either one of us could have continued to fund a trans atlantic relationship.

    Anyway.. this was a good thing... We both went out into the world, me being 22 and Jess being 19. We both had relationships and made our mistakes and grew up a lot along the way. I thought about Jess a lot over the years and wondered how she was and what she was doing with her life. I tried to track her down using various websites etc. But never succceded.Turns out she had been thinking the same about me...

    So at the end of 2007, I was trying to reconnect with a lot of old friends after the marriage from hell and I hit the Myspace. Her's was the first name I put in to search on and "bang" it came back straight away with her profile. I was in shock, I had finally found this person again. The person who I shared so much with all those years before but never actually met. Myspace rocks!!!

    So I sent Jess an e-mail through Myspace enititled "Blast fromt the past - well England actually". I basically askd her if she remembered me and what she was doing with her life, how her daughter was etc. I spoke a little about myself and my boy. I ended the e-mail by saying it would be great if we could be friends but I understood if her life had moved on and wished her good health and happiness.

    As soon as she received the e-mail Jess knew it was from me before she even opened it. She was also shocked and amazed that I had actually found her. She was delighted..she later told be it was the best Christmas present ever. We spoke on the phone a couple of days later and it was as if we had never stopped talking... like it was the day before, we still had this intense, amazing connection with each other.

    Within a few days we were chatting with AIM an MSN. and within a couple of weeks we had beome a part of each others daily lives again. We spent time catching up and getting to know each other again. Around the end of January 08 we both decided we had to meet. Things were different now, we had to explore this connection, if we didint we would spend the rest of lives wondering "What id?". We were both adults and were in the position to support this kind of relationship. We had to meet up to explore this connection and see what the outcome would be. We decided I would fly to New York to meet Jess as she didnt have a passport at that time. On the 29th Febuary 2008 I flew to into Newark and my baby was waiting for me in the arrivals lounge. We held each other for what seemed like a lifetime.. it felt so good to finaly meet Jess in the flesh. This felt perfect.!!

    We spent the next 10 days together, meeting family and basically falling even deeper in love. I then flew home after 10 days and we were both heartbroken to be apart. It was hell walking away from her at the airport. It was probably the single hardest thing I have ever had to in my life. So I returned to the UK and shortly afert arriving home I booked my next trip for mid April 2008. Again we had such an amazing time together.. We knew even before we met in person that we would end up together.... We disscussed marriage and we deicded that we wanted to be together and commit to each other. During my trip in April I spoke to Jess's father and asked him if he would give us his blessing to get married. He was delighted and I started to make plans for my proposal.

    Jess flew out to the UK in May 2008, her first real trip overseas, I felt so lucky that it was to see me. She arrived here Sunday Monring and by Sunday afternoon I had taken her to lovers Island (Jess loves the beach) and asked her to marry over a champagne picnic with Strawberries and Chocolate truffles... She said yes straight away. I was the happiest man alive. We then spent the next 9 days meeting my family and exploring my country and culture. We had an amazing time and once again parting company was extremley difficult. This time I was not saying goodbye to my girlfriend, I was saying good my to my Fiance.

    That was one month ago. We are now just starting the K1 process and I am still desperatley trying to sell my house. Hopefully it will all come together soon. We are totally in love about with other and can't wait to begin our new life together as man and wife.

    I love you baby - You are my best friend, My lover and my soulmate. You are the reason I draw breath, Forever <3
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