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  1. The AOS package was sent August 4, receipt date of August 15, biometrics done September 20, 2017.  I made an infopass appointment on October 12 at my local office to withdraw the I-864 because I am being scammed for a green card.  I submitted a notarized letter to the lady at the window who took the letter, and she said she would make a note in the file that the I-864 had been withdrawn.  She said it is up to the National Benefits Center to actually withdraw the I-864 but she saw no reason why they would not do it since I had requested it before the green card was issued.


    Today, the status changed to "Request for Initial Evidence was Mailed."  The status of the I-131 and EAD has not changed.


    Why would they be asking for initial evidence?  Why did they not just deny the green card?  What could they be asking for?  Thanks


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    2. Jeff&Mei


      You might be interested in this since I saw that you have written on this subject before.  This is the RFIE received after withdrawing the I-864.  My question is what good will a joint sponsor be if she no longer has the husband upon which the I-485 is based?  If she did get a joint sponsor, I am sure this case would be set for an interview, and I would not show up, so the whole thing from this point forward is a waste of time for everybody.  But this theoretically allows the whole thing to drag on for 87 more days until formal denial.


    3. Darnell


      This is a basic formletter, given when the I-864 not meet the requirements.   I say it was triggered by a clerk NOT doing the right thing at a keyboard. 

    4. Darnell


      as to the withdrawal letter, no - it sounds 'golden' .  The problem is to get it to the right human with the right computer access.  If you went back to the drop box, then it's possible the 2nd letter got to the right person.  The first letter, IMO, did not get to the right person at all. 

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