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    Romabell got a reaction from johnandkate in True Love or "Abuse" Fraud? (Long Story)   
    What fraud, what abuse???????
    Valsu wrote:
    ......"To my mother's defense, the conversation was recorded, so I actually got to hear it myself later."
    That fact alone says everything!!!
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    Romabell got a reaction from johnandkate in True Love or "Abuse" Fraud? (Long Story)   
    + 100
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    Romabell got a reaction from johnandkate in True Love or "Abuse" Fraud? (Long Story)   
    Do you really believe the intellect of the VJ members is that low, so you can manipulate them?
    And you even opened another topic????
    Are Shelters Truly Safe For Women and Children? Truth behind the scenes
    "Abuse", "Fraud", "Confused American Citizen"......ha-ha-ha. You are restless!!!! Once again.......poor girl, I think she did the best she could do to help herself.
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    Romabell got a reaction from johnandkate in True Love or "Abuse" Fraud? (Long Story)   
    I guess you won't like what I am going to say......
    Your story sounds very tendentiuos, like you are trying to picture yourself as an angel in love.
    My intuiton does not let me believe you are indeed that caring, understanding, loving, genuine e.t.c. husband. Come on, take off the mask. You are writing this story here just to create an alibi.
    I guess you need that alibi in case your wife starts procedure of getting a GC independetly /you sound too worried about the people getting GC through VAWA, right? /.
    Sorry if you find my opinion rude. I feel sorry for your wife and what she is going through. Poor girl...
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    Romabell reacted to JohnR! in Will there be riots if Obama loses?   
    Back in 2008 there were several predictions that if Obama won a doomsday scenario including fire from the sky, and the fulfillment of Revelations, would come to pass. There were talks of white supremacists to initiate civil war, assassination plots and all sorts of events that would make for a good B-movie screenplay for Lifetime.
    I predict that despite of who is elected president, the sun will rise the following day, there will be stars and clouds in the sky, our daily woes in life will continue, weddings will take place, tires will go flat, elevators will go up and down, amongst other things; and to be sure, time will continue its march, ever forwards.
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    Romabell got a reaction from Myopia in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    You are absolutely right!
    NYC's tenant law is different than any other city/state.
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    Romabell reacted to Harsh_77 in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    You can ask them to leave and report them to ICE for the fraud that the commited.
    If police officer shows up to your house, you can tell police that you are the owner and you dont want them in your place.
    Plain and simple.
    I am surprised officer at POE let them in when she was pregnant, most of the times they get rejected at POE.
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    Romabell reacted to decocker in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    years ago, my best friend's little sister was pregnant and homeless. i let her stay with me. about a month in she was a nightmare, arguing constantly and in general being intolerable. i asked her to leave. she refused. she went across town to visit my best friend and i took the opportunity to bag up her things and bring them to her, at her sisters house. i carried all her stuff up three flights of steps - all the while taking care of her things. afterall, i've had known this girl since she was eight and had no intentions of ending our friendship.
    she opened the door,looked at her belongings and laughed at me -saying, you can't do that, i'm calling the cops.
    i laughed it off and pulled up a seat - waiting for the cops to show up thinking that since i was the person with the lease and i had only offered to let her stay till she had a job and some money (of which she had both at the time).
    sure enough, the cop told me that if someone lives in your residence for 30 days - you have no legal presence to kick them out other then formally filing to have them EVICTED. i would suggest going to your local courthouse and getting a court date. that is the only way to have them removed. and i would think that getting them evicted would be much faster than waiting on their visa decision and ICE.
    these are the laws in virginia, i'm not sure if the laws are the same where you are - but if the cops have backed them about the thermostat thing, and there's a baby involved, doesn't look like you have many options.
    she ended up leaving on her own in a couple days. i think her sister (my friend) talked some sense in to her young head. we're friends now, more because we are all like family, but good luck to you..i know how difficult it is to have someone fault you for being a good friend.
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    Romabell reacted to canadian_wife in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    No problem, don't call the police, call ICE
    I already gave you the numbers AND e-mail
    you want them out...report them
    good luck
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    Romabell reacted to Little_My in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    As mentioned before, if he is working here on a B-visa, that is visa violation. If you report him, they are not going to extend his visa, even if they wouldn't go all the way to deport him.
    You should advice them that coming to the US to have a baby is really not a brilliant idea in any way - yes, the baby is granted US citizenship (though I think they would still have to apply for that somehow..), but the parents ARE NOT. Just because their baby was born here does not mean that now they can just stay - if that was the case, US would have an influx of expecting mothers entering the country to give birth. A baby born in the US does not give foreign parents any right to LPR status.
    You should call ICE. Your a** might be on the line here too, since you still have to remove conditions on your GC. "Harbouring" an illegal immigrant will not help your case. Report them, and if I were you, I would tell them that I am reporting them. maybe that will get them out of your house.
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    Romabell reacted to Deputy Purple in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    If you report that he is working illegally while on a B Visa and that they are applying for extensions then chances are good that they won't get the extensions and ICE will make sure they return to their country.
    Do you really want ICE to find them living at your place without you being the one who called them?
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    Romabell reacted to milimelo in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    Report it? ICE number in the bottom of every page.
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    Romabell reacted to Little_My in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    I have to say, coming to the US to deliver a baby without health insurance is a really bad idea - exactly for this reason. I personally think it is absolutely ridiculous that this country charges thousands of dollars for women to deliver babies in a hospital (it's also the Scandinavian in me that just cannot grasp this) - but, that's still how it is. I agree with the above - he is already working illegally, which is a visa violation. Did they come here to give birth and with the intention to try to immigrate to the US? That is also visa fraud.. He should really consider the situation and think if it is worth risking very serious consequences if they choose to stay and he continues to work illegally here. If I am not mistaken, under US constitution the baby is not entitled to US citizenship - but the parents won't be able to enjoy that privilege, and the child cannot petition for his/her parents until he/she is 21 years old.
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    Romabell reacted to JeroenAndMichelle in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    Just to make sure you understand, I called your post retarded, not you as a person.
    And that was not trying to be true, it was accusing others for something they might not do at all. It is an insult to everyone who came to the US for the right reasons, as opposed to you. I agree with the others here who replied to you as well. Like them, I too married a person and not the country... I'm sorry for you if your life sucked (in your opinion) where you came from, but I love my home country. I came here to be with my wife, not because life would be better. Sure, Hawaii is a little paradise, but it is paradise without any of my friends or relatives. The only two person I have here are my wife and my baby daughter and if they, for example, lived in the Philippines (I'm using this as you apparently didn't like it there), then I would follow them there too if I had to.
    Then to mention, like "Mrs.Finland-USA" did, the health care, education, social services and all that. It was either free or just dirt cheap in my own country compared to the US. Sure, life is great over here in the US, especially here in Hawaii, but it was also great where I came from. I had a great job with a good income, a very nice home, nice car etc etc and I have sold all of that, and I had to say goodbye to friends, family, memories and so on, to go into the unknown. While I will not go into too much details, I lived the life over there and gave that all up to be with my wife. Eventually I arrived here with two suitcases, and two small boxes that I had shipped earlier, full of personal belongings. Other than that I had nothing anymore, while I basically had it all. Do you really think I would have given all of that up just to move to another country where I had to start on the bottom again while I was already on the top over there? Do you think I would do such a thing if I thought she didn't love me? As a matter of fact, the simple fact that my wife did not speak my language (while I do speak English) and the hard immigration laws in my country (since a LOT of people want to go there) were the biggest reasons why we chose to live in the US instead (we did look at options to live in my country at first). And believe me, if I ever break up with my wife, which I certainly do not hope for, then I would not stay here but I would fly back to my old country on one of the first available flights (where I would have to start all over once again). It might be hard for you to understand, but not everyone is disappointed in how life was in their own country, and certainly not everyone comes to the US just to be able to live in the US. You must really have the wrong priorities.
    If you tried to be 'true' with what you said in your post, you wouldn't even be in the US through marriage as you apparently are using your spouse for a different goal than just to be with him/her. As a matter of fact, if you stand by what you posted, then this is certainly not being 'true' as it would mean that you have been lying to not only your spouse (unless he/she is in it) but also to the immigration officers. That is NOT called 'trying to be true'.
    And then you thinking that anything we say here is not true, that is just a plain insult to any of us who came here for the one they love.
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    Romabell reacted to Little_My in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    Well. That was just plain insulting. And also totally uncalled for. I don't know anything about your relationship, and you know nothing about me. I would argue that 99% of people here are doing what they are doing because they fell in love, and because they primarily want to share their lives with that person. I'm sure there are exceptions - I, however, am not one of them, and would appreciate it if you refrained from remarks like that from now on. My country offers free health care, free education, 9 months paid maternity leave - I am here, paying $25,000 per year for grad school, $2,000 for green card, half the world away from my family and friends at home. I can very easily and honestly say that I am not here for the American dream. I don't need that. What I need is share my life with the person I love. That is what it really is for me. I'm sorry if it's not that for you.
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    Romabell reacted to Boiler in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    About as nonsensical as everything else you have posted.
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    Romabell reacted to Little_My in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    Are you saying you came here and married your spouse just for the GC? That is just wonderful. Even if you did that, you have no right suspecting anyone elses motives. US would not be my first choice at all, if I weren't married to a USC. Do I like it here? Sure. NEw York is wonderful. But if it wasn't for my marriage, I wouldn't have any real reason to stay here. If we got divorced, I doubt I'd stay. I didn't marry America. I married a person. He is why I am here - not because of this country.
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    Romabell reacted to Little_My in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    Maybe knowing the country they are coming from would help this whole thing make more sense.. I mean, I know the whole "America is the land of brave and free and rich and beautiful" slogan, and the myth that anyone can make it big here, but in all honesty (and maybe this is just my scandinavian heritage speaking), who in god's name would think that coming to this country, without insurance, without a job, without anything, would make financial sense?? What benefits exactly are they planning to take advantage of?? It just does not compute. Having a baby here is freakishly expensive, if they need any additional medical checks for the baby or themselves it's gonna keep adding up to the bill.. and seriously, there are no benefits in this country that would be big enough to enable a family of three to live on government money and manage. It just doesn't.. happen.
    Again. Just call ICE. See what they say. Maybe they'll take this one seriously, even though they are kept busy with more "serious" cases. The baby is not their magical ticket to the US. I just feel sorry for him/her (the baby) for being in the middle of all this cr** without any doing of his/her own.
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    Romabell reacted to AL+ ALENA FOREVER in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    Well I have to put in my 2 cents worth.


    I think you need to think before you act. I do NOT know these people but from what you are saying they do not sound like very nice people. If they would call the police on you who knows what they might do. How you got into this mess does not matter anymore you need to get out of it. First you need to protect your family I do not know what someone might do if you change the locks or call ICE (Maybe you might go to start your car and it blows up). Again these people are not your friends and most likely never were your friends. Friends do not treat friends like this. Second you need to protect your property. You might come home to a flamed house if you are not careful.
    Now take a step back and look at the big picture.

    It has already been posted any person born on US soil is a US citizen by birth. There are no ifs ands or buts about it the child is a US citizen. The parents are not US citizens and if I had my way they should be banded for life plus 1 year from coming back to the US.
    If the parents are deported the child has the right to stay - I think that the child would be put up for adoption or placed on the foster care system if the parents do not take the child. This is a whole different issue that you should not worry about. You have enough to worry about.
    I would talk to a good lawyer and get some solid advice on your options keeping in mind that the health and safety of your family should come 1st and then the protection of your property comes 2nd.
    Several people have already told you that the law has given these people rights (I do not like it I am just stating the facts) - Each state will differ on the extent of their rights so this is where a good local lawyer should be hired - Keep in mind that not all lawyers have the same ability. You might even consider the lesser of evils when making your decision - You need to minimize the risks to your health and safety and then minimize the risk to your property. Yes you can sue them if the destroy your property but I doubt if you would recover anything from a law suit.
    Please be careful - I worry what any person would do to you that had the nerve to call the police on you while they are guests in your home.
    Maybe you could sell your story to lifetime and they can make a movie out of it.
    You may need the money before you are rid of these people.
    I wish you the best of luck in getting these people out of your home. Whatever you choose to do please be careful.
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    Romabell reacted to Travelbugs in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    Your post is absolutely outrageous!
    I'd be on the first flight home if I could. Pretty conceited of you to think that everybody leaves their home and marry some American to become a citizen. I'd never give up my citizenship, and should a divorce happen or should something go wrong with our marriage, I'd definitely not stay here but go home.
    There are better places in this world.
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    Romabell reacted to JeroenAndMichelle in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    So, anyways, just read through the whole topic (it was quite a lot in only a day lol)..
    My wife and her mother are landlords who rent a couple of places out, it is however in a different state (Hawaii) so I can only give you some examples from our point of view. I think the main thing you should remember is that each state has their own laws and it is VERY important to follow them strict or you might end up getting sued yourself.
    Let me just first ask, what did you do so far besides turning the heat down? If nothing (much) yet, here are some things you look into..
    1. Call or visit ICE (don't, however, expect much for them. They usually only deport people who got arrested for some reason but at least they do know the situation (and that might come in handy if you ever have to go to court for harboring people who violated their visa terms, and also when you want to go up for citizenship someday)).
    2. See if you can get a restraining order against them. It is your house and a restraining order would prevent them from living there. Plain and simple. Are you scared of them? See if they threaten you by any means and call the caps... Maybe some acting could help.. don't know if you're a man or a woman, but if you're the woman (and if not, then your wife), make sure you just cleaned some onions... sound weird but you'll cry from that and your eyes will get a bit puffy and red... you need to get the police on your side for a restraining order. Don't be aggressive, let the 'guest' become the aggressor. Also, if the police gets into the game again, let them know they are violating the terms of their visa, it will never hurt for the police to know).
    3. If, in fact, the 'guests' are considered tenants by now, then read up on the tenant-landlord laws for your state (the 'tenants rights guide' for NY can be found here: http://www.oag.state...ights_guide.pdf, read it so you know what their rights are (and what you can and cannot do, whatever the case, you do not want to break the law)).
    4. Even if it takes 6 months to get an eviction, go to court asap to get one... if anything, they will be gone in 6 months the latest. Do not delay that or you might be stuck with them longer and longer.
    5. Temperature changes should be avoided. Also, if they are considered tenants then most of the times you cannot disconnect the water or electricity. Like you said, they have a baby. And whether or not the baby is a US citizen (I know it is, every child born on US soil,legal or illegal, is automatically a citizen), that doesn't matter. Fact is, law officers (and a lot more people) in the US go after the best interest for any child first. It is not good for a baby to be without water or with cold temperatures. Try to avoid to do these things.
    6. Do not change locks. I know it is tempting but you'll get into deeper problems.
    7. Read the tenant rights guide, and see if there is a way how you can impose a rent to them. If they do not wish to pay this rent, you can sue them. They will claim they have no money and in court you'll provide proof (make sure you have it) they do work illegally. The company they work for gets into trouble, and so do they.
    8. In Hawaii, tenants are also very protected,and it is very hard to get them out without an eviction. However, when you sell your home, they HAVE to move out (like said, this is a local law, I don't know how this is in NYC, it doesn't hurt to look it up). See if there is a family member that you absolutely trust, sell the house to them for example. This doesn't have to cost much money, my wife received two homes from her mom by paying 10 bucks for each house.. they just needed an amount so it wouldn't be a gift
    9. Again a local law, but renovations that has to be done could also make a tenant move over here. Again, see how this is in your state. See if there is anything that needs repairing and needs them to get out (then again, this could cost some money since you really have to renovate).
    10. Start to irritate them in a way that it is not harmful for the baby but would be irritating for them. But stay within the law at all times!
    11. Like the person above said: inform the employer of your 'guest' about his status, that he is illegal. I know you had a laughing smiley and said you liked the idea, but do it.
    12. Inform the IRS as well.. they are not paying taxes? Let them know about it. Tax evasion is punishable by law, and if they get arrested, ICE will jump on the bandwagon and they will deport them.
    I'm sure there's quite some more things you could do, but I figure I'll stop here for now (also because my baby just woke up, so I need to give her my attention instead lol). Bottom line, however, for you is to stay within the law. You don't want to end up the loser... bite your tongue if you need to, but don't break it. Let them break it instead and they're gone in no time.
    Good luck, and I have to say that you really got to toughen up a bit if you want to win this, it might not be easy (but it will be fruitful once you get them out)
    Lastly, not so much to you but more in general: I saw a comment from someone who said the mother would not have to leave when the baby had US citizenship, they were wrong. I have seen quite a few people being deported who had babies with citizenship (some even had more than one kid) and while the baby was legally allowed to stay with family, they parents had to leave (of course, they were also allowed to take the baby with them lol).
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    Romabell got a reaction from milimelo in Visitors Visa & Working Illegaly   
    I think you should read the thread before commenting on it.
    Also, I think you should think before you post your comments.
    Thank you.
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