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    We met in December of 2006 on Myspace. I thought she was pretty so I wrote her. We started to talk on Yahoo IM, but to be honest, our conversations were boring and we didn't like each other much in the beginning. I think I was too aggressive and sexual, and to be frank, she wasn't having any of it. Since she didn't want to entertain me, I got bored pretty easily. In fact, she started to make herself invisible sometimes to avoid me! I figured I had enough of her nonchalant and distant attitude. So one day I told her I was going to delete her on my Myspace and delete her from my Yahoo IM. Her reply? She said "thank you"! It was like that movie "When Harry Met Sally." Two people that couldn't stand each other at first... Then a few weeks later perhaps, I tuned in to her Myspace page (I saved her on my favorites so I could look at her page whenever I wanted), and she had a great photo for her default on there. I thought to myself, "I gotta give this more effort..." So I contacted her and we started over again. At first she was resistant to accepting me into her life. She was building a house in her province in the PI and had plans to finish that. But I was persistent because I was very interested in her. However, she still didn't take me very seriously, as she didn't even have me as her number one on myspace or friendster. Finally when I told her I wanted to meet her in person, she became warmer to me. (Margin disagrees with this statement. Her response: "Im still cold to u even if u told me that u are coming here. you told me that during our first month of chatting, I think!")
    In July 2007 we met, and we had an amazing time. There was so much chemistry and the love that we shared was very evident. I visited her again in December of 2007, and stayed a month that time, because I wanted to see how we were living together. It's interesting looking back to see how we were in the beginning, to how we are now. In the beginning I could never have imagined us together, and now it's hard to imagine what life would be like without her! In short, my girl is an amazing woman. So here we are in 2008, and we will soon embark on this lifelong journey TOGETHER. There will undoubtedly be hurdles and obstacles in our future, but together we can overcome anything. You are my love, baby. Mahal na mahal na kita....

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    Congrats again and Safe flight. :-)