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  1. "The place issued is on the naturalization certificate" There are two places listed, neither specifically says "Issued at". It was "filed at" in Minneapolis where she did her interview, and the swearing in ceremony was done in Madison, so which one "Issued" it?
  2. Two questions and then I think I'm set to send off the N-600 for my stepdaughter. Question 19 asks "Were your parents married when you were born". Her birth parents, or her mom and me (stepfather)? Her birth father is not (and never was) a US citizen and signed away all parental rights but they were married at time of the daughter's birth. I have not adopted her yet, so should I check 'Yes' her parents were married at time of birth, or 'no' since I was not married to her mother at that time? Legally a step-parent isn't really considered much of a parent and has few, if any rights. Place of naturalization of mother: The location that issued the document ("filed with the Secretary of Homeland Security at Minneapolis, MN") or where the ceremony took place ("USCIS Citizenship and Immigration Services at Madison, WI")?
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