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    Looking for other american-romanians who can give me any advice. Looking to expedite the process as much as possible.

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    I am a 29 yr old Romanian living in California. My family moved to California when I was 2, so it shocks everyone when I can actually speak, understand and write in romanian. My sweetie is a 24 yr old romanian living in Spain. In May of 2007 I went to Romania on vacation to visit my family. My 2nd day there my grandmother was admitted to the hospital and was operated on for cancerous tumors. My grandmother raised me so you can imagine that I felt like I was about to lose my mind. After spending 2 weeks in the hospital day and night with her, they released her to fly immedietely back to California to start chemotherapy. I remained in Romania as I had not seen any of my family. The same day my grandmother left I went to go and meet up with some cousins. We decided to go into the city and have a drink and they happenned to mention that their really good friend and neighbor had just come back to Romania to visit the day before. They asked if I would mind if he came along and I said no. We were in Baile Felix and we picked him up on the way to downtown. He got in the backseat and I honestly didn't even think twice about it, I said hello but nothing else. When we got to the terrace, we sat down and my girl cousin Laura turned to me and said so what do you think. I was confused and she said well isn't he handsome. I said he's allright but not my type. We sat and drank and ate little snacks and at some point my cousin turned to him and said so you have been home for a day and you are already working out in the fields with your grandmother. He just turned to her and said yes I am, she needed my help and I'm not ashamed to help her out in the field. The fact that he was so honest and straightforward not ashamed of helping his family really impressed me. When my cousin asked me to go out dancing with them later that night I accepted. I love love love Manele. He hates them. We went to downtown in Miraj and he spent the entire night by my side dancing with me. At about 2 something I took my cousin home and Liviu and I just stayed in the car and talked till 7am. We spent every day after that together until I went back home. He prolonged his trip in Romania just so that he could spend more time with me. I met his family and they were so sweet to me and absolutely adore me as I do them. When I got back to California I had a hard time figuring out how to call him and we went 2 weeks without talking. When we finally spoke we were both just soo excited. We spoke every other day after that. He tells me that I'm the talker and curious one and I'll never forget I was blabbing about something insignificant and he said Te Iubesc, I was in such shock I just kept blabbering on. He then said it again and I felt soo relieved because I didn't have to say it first and so happy he felt the same way. On October 31st I left California and he met me in Madrid on November 1st. I was so sick and I will never forget how concerned he was and he took such good care of me. We spent the next 20 days traveling around Spain getting to know each other. He took the entire time off from work without pay just so he could spend every waking momment which I appreciate more than I can express in words. I am not saying every day was perfect and we didn't fight. We definately had our fights as I am a very stubborn girl. I never hated him though. We fought but then we always said I love you and can honestly say we never stayed mad at each other longer than a few minutes. When I left Spain at the end of November so I could make it home in time for thanksgiving, i felt like I left a piece of my heart in Spain. I was unable to meet him in Romania for Christmas as we had planned due to financial constraints. I had already purchased my plane ticket to Barcelona to surprise him for his birthday. His friends from Spain helped me surprise him. When he came to his friends house and I opened the door he just stood there for a few minutes in shock. During my time there again all his attention was on me. I don't know if I will ever be able to express to him how much I appreciated that and did not expect it. He took me to the bus station to go to Barcelona and I cried the almost 3 hours to get to Barcelona. Being apart from someone you love is extremely difficult. I have spent hundreds of dollars in phone bills possibly even thousands and I just can't live without him. It hurts not to be able to see the one you love every day. I know it hurts him to hear me cry and it depresses him that we have not seen each other as well. I wish I was able to fly there tomorrow but I'm doing my masters program and am unable to go anywhere. I know that he encourages me to stay in school but he says its hard when he wants to see me. This May his cousin is getting married in Romania and I will not be able to attend, long distance love is way too hard. I would not wish this anguish on anyone.

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