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    Jasman0717 got a reaction from Ken & Yana in Express mail to a USCIS P.O. Box   
    They will most likely pick it up today, yesterday was a holiday
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    Jasman0717 got a reaction from defeedme in USCitizen baby to stay here in Philippines   
    This is all so confusing and complicated
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    Jasman0717 got a reaction from Apple Bee in 221g   
    This embassy has really become hard-core. Maybe it is time to start a write-in campaign to elected officials for some sort of investigation. There is no reason to continually put people's emotions on a rollercoaster. My two cents worth
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    Jasman0717 got a reaction from jamestk61 in Bad experience in Philippine Bureau of Customs to pick up a package   
    Sorry to hear of your experience. We found a Filipino grocery store close to us that also ships our balikbayan boxes. We recently sent a box and it cost us $65. There were no customs issues and the box was delivered right to my wife's parent's front door.
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    Jasman0717 got a reaction from Darnell in Things you found strange about the Philippines   
    Ah yea, balut! I ate 5 of them after a few SMs
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    Jasman0717 got a reaction from Darnell in Anyone from Los Angeles, CA?   
    Yea, just fat fingered it.
    We are ok, been struggling with health issues. Claudeth still doesn't have a job Her family didn't get hit with all the flooding in CDO but they did go without water and electricity for several weeks
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    Jasman0717 got a reaction from Darnell in 'Welcome Back Kotter' Star Robert Hegyes Dies at 60   
    Damn Chuck, you still hear?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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    Jasman0717 got a reaction from Darnell in CR1 G325A dumb question   
    I would always take a look at the example forms here on VJ and use that as a guide. It sure seemed to work, we never had any problems with the entire process with the exception of Claudeth forgetting to get her German clearance translated
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    Jasman0717 reacted to Brother Hesekiel in Marriage Separation before start of AOS   
    Let's not jump the gun here.
    First, you'll need to figure out what you want. Do you want to stay married to your wife, or do you feel that this is not going anywhere and you'd like to "end" it?
    Before you pull the plug, you should really talk to your wife and find out what HER plans are.
    Assuming you want to end your marriage, file for divorce. Since you didn't file for AOS, she will be unable to adjust status on her own. She can't even marry somebody else and file for AOS at any time. She is in a trap, and I don't know if she knows that.
    If she doesn't have one, she can't get a SSN and she can't get a driver license. The final chapter with immigration is the least important. You should do this one step at a time.
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