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  1. Robert Lightfoot

    Divorce after citizenship

    Thanks for clarifying; I only asked in the OP to see if anyone else has had this happen to them. It is a shame and unfortunate especially after all the time and effort put into her path to citizenship then i get left hung out to dry! And it is also a shame that she can withhold my affection for my children due to her plans/aspirations (whatever they may be.) This will be my second divorce so I know experimentally how tough it is on the kids. I actually told my current wife that divorce was not an option based on Christian values, but I see now what her intentions were. Now i must deal with it and carry on...ugh... Thanks again for your time!
  2. Robert Lightfoot

    Divorce after citizenship

    Where do you read i am trying to strip her of citizenship? She chose her path and now the children will suffer, its a shame.
  3. Robert Lightfoot

    Divorce after citizenship

    Thanks for the decent answer. I never insinuated she was scamming, but i merely repeated here what she had mentioned to me. I am not trying to get her into trouble. Hard to believe she could blindside me with this. "Whats good for her is good for the kids? LOL, another family torn apart in the USA " Appreciate the time, thanks.
  4. Robert Lightfoot

    Divorce after citizenship

    I believe her intention was to have a daughter, then abandon the marriage. This is based on the time of events when she made her aforementioned statement to me of "not needing a US citizen anymore..."
  5. Howdy folks. I am in need of guidance and/or advice. My immigrant wife (who is now a US citizen) has filed for divorce. We have had two children together (ages: boy of 4 years and daughter of 10 months) After our 10 month old daughter was born, she mentioned to me that she has no need for a US citizen husband anymore! I thought she was joking. After the enduring process of proving a bona fide marriage nine years ago (see my timeline?), I am wondering what the ramifications of her decision for divorce is to her status. I am assuming it does not matter because she is citizen now and i cannot prove her actions with documentation. I DO NOT have evidence (emails, text, etc) of her mentioning any type of fraud, only what she has told me verbally. I DO have evidence of her family visiting us and using fake SSN to gain employment to work here for a few months and return to Venezuela. How and who would I talk to regarding this fraud? Thanks in advance.