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  1. This isn't specifically in regards to email, but many employers also check for facebook and twitter posts done during work hours. I had this own owner of a radio station who was pissed with his radio copy/marketing account exec. The employer would check into his facebook and twitter posts throughout the day, print off and keep the posts in his employee file. Of course the motivation behind this was to show "theft of company time" and that as his sales of marketing materials and radio copy were sliding, his personal computer posting time was on the increase.

    If you have a vengeful employer, people can get screwed.

    Of course the poor employee felt completely stalked when all of this came out.

  2. Perhaps I am getting paranoid, given that I serve in an executive role....I will talk with corporate, tomorrow. It will be done.

    I would just start with emailing HR or IT department tomorrow, asking for an updated copy of their internet and email use policy. They will email you a copy or direct you to where you can get a copy of the policy. A note of caution, by asking for a copy you'll be obviously drawing attention to your own usage.

    Its not a bad thing to be cautious and aware. :thumbs:

  3. In that case, I will bring my net-book to the workplace, with the supplied air card for "independent" Internet access. Will that work?

    That may work, but you have to ensure that any sites you access do not conflict with the terms and uses of your office. Additionally to be on the safe side, you should access your personal netbook on your break time or lunch periods.

    There are several large employers here who monitor computer usage and expect it to occur only during designated break times and lunch hours. They fire people under the guise of their employer handbook "theft policy" as the employee is considered to have stolen the employer's time.

    To be honest, if it was a problem, I am sure someone would have notified you. Most employers start with a verbal warnings, move their way to a written one, then you're on the move to be out the door.

  4. I miss doing that with my BFF :(

    The last time we got to do it was at my wedding, and before that was like a year before my wedding.

    I wish she'd come on msn more often :lol:

    It really is just great to get together like that.

    Yeah mine is anti-MSN and email. Thank god she loves to travel. She stops by and visits my mom still, so I get updates at least. Dang I missed her. (L)

  5. Our furnace stopped working. <_<

    Oh no! Nothing worse than winter when the furnace stops working. :o

    I managed to burn my torso and back, and upper legs through a suntanning bed today......wow, am I pink!! :huh:

    According to Danno in OT, soon you'll be paying 10% more for that privilege. :hehe:

  6. Perhaps you have already looked into this, but what about starting out with substitute teaching? Not sure of the pre-reqs but it would be a start. I know a lot of people are on the substitute rolls night now in CA, but just a few calls from teachers who like your work can lead into regular hours of work.

    Also, temp agencies are a better place to start. In this economy employers love to use the "over-qualified" excuse. Which is sad, because why would someone apply for a job unless they were willing to do the work. :wacko:

    Keep at it, something will come. (F)

  7. I used to feel like this was the internet version of Cheers or something...

    :P - that's such a cute way of thinking about this place.

    It did get a little ugly in here around the Olympics, I think in 4 years we should pledge to not have any threads Olympic or hockey related. We get a little spazzy yah? :lol:

  8. Ugh, why would anyone clean an ultra dirty toilet with rubber gloves that have a feather boa trim?! Seriously, if you're gonna put your arm down there, do you really want cling-ons to the feathers. :dead:

    I am bored. Chris is working nights and the cats don't feel like tea and crumpets. . . . . .

  9. Yeah, but I'm uber-shy...

    How about this: If she's better looking than that babe hangin on your neck, I send you a PM and you take her for me?

    :lol: - we're all living vicariously through you Matt.

  10. I keep hearing this "lie" out there that people's insurance is tied to their job.... I'm trying to figure out since when? Obama keeps talking about self-employed not being able to buy insurance or only being able to get it if you work here and there.

    I don't know about other states, but here in Texas you can buy insurance from most insurance companies in the state and take it with you wherever you may work.

    If this is a problem in other states, sounds more like a state's issue than a national issue and I/we should not have to pay for those who make poor decisions either.

    I am referring to the fact that most people have insurance through their jobs, as it can be cost prohibitive to get it by one's self. I am not saying one cannot purchase it alone.

    To be honest, I would much rather a better salary and purchase my own health insurance. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

  11. Now is not the time for a rational position on the matter, what are you a Canuck or something? :P

    Oh #### it then. How's this. . . . . . universal healthcare is going to bankrupt this country. We cannot afford health services for all people, it should be purely tied to one's employment and a benefit of having a job. If you don't have a job you should just die quickly (sarcasm for those who are going to blow a gasket).

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