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    File your I-129F! Back in July 2007 I reveived really bad advice from one of these online visa lists and a local attorney. They all said the same thing...If you are already married it doesn't make sense to file the I-129F and your I-130, becasue you are already married and the time it takes for both of them is about the same. Well, newsflash! The I-129F process was accelerated and now those filing I-129F the same time as I filed I-130 are already getting their interviews and here we are today (3/2/08 = day #218) and still no DS-230 or Packet #3. I have responded to all requests with one day turn around and overnight mail.

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  1. That answers that! Flordia isn't one of the States that expanded Medicaid!
  2. My mother-in-law has been here for a year going through her change-of-status and just received her green card. I'm assuming the 60-day life-event period starts on the day she was approved. Also, we are in Florida and have to use the exchange for this state. I did some preliminary searching without registering her and using her yearly pension income of $9,500 and the site told me "It doesn't appear you are eligible for any PTC). The cheapest plan was 989 and the most expensive was 2000. We will be doing the official search here soon and I will post here what we found out.