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    Reading, Traveling, singing, Poetry readings, concerts, surfing the internet (how I found VJ!) hanging out with my family and friends and Talking to my HUSBAND!!!!

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    I met Ahmed on Vacation in Cairo Egypt in August of 2007. I had been having a really rough time with dating and I decided to take a trip to Egypt, do some sight seeing and get my mind off of all the stress and drama of Chicago. I arrived there on a Sunday and immediately starting my tours! I didn't want to have any free time to do anything but focus on ME.
    Allah had a different plan for me. I went to breakfast on the morning of August 21st and who did I see? Ahmed. He smiled at me. Everything in my body sloooowed down. I couldn't move. He walked past me and said, Hello.. how are you? I could not stop smiling, I managed to get out hello but that was it. His friends helped me out and came over and started talking. They were a traveling theater group from Alexandria and they were there to perform in Cairo. Ahmed was a singer. Me being deeply into music and theater I thought that was pretty cool. I noticed that his friends were doing alot of the talking but he had not said much...just stood looking at me, I asked why he wasn't talking and his friend, Mida said...Oh he speaks VERY little English! I said Oh my God!!! How can we communicate?? I for sure thought that was the end of it. I didn't speak Arabic and he didn't speak English..(Love is Universal and can conquer, even Language barriers) We talked in a group, his friends translating, Me helping out as much as I could. It was the strangest thing because I could FEEL his energy and his spirit was so beautiful. I was invited to the play which I happened to understand although it was in Arabic. we went back to the hotel and we sat up for 24 hours and talked to each other without a translator. Just using pictures, writing words, saying things in English and in Arabic. By the end, we were understanding each other and we were in love. I never believed in love at first site until I met My Habibi. I came back to the states and we communicated by email, webcam and phone, He went from speaking no English to about 50% now. I went back in November 07 and we married November 21st. 3 months exactly from the day we met. I love him with all of my heart. He completes me. We both say, it was Allah who brought us together and I am forever grateful for it.

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  1. Well, that is good. At least you have job security for a while. What are you studying? Aziz and I are great, still waiting for the interview. sticking through the temp job.

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