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  1. Hopefully somebody can come in an provide some guidance. So i cannot sent the AOS form or anything from the checklist, until i pay both fees? the AOS form and checklist docs get sent at the same time? or i can send the AOS form now?
  2. Guys, I finally received my "NVC Welcome letter" and i want to ensure i understand the steps to follow the procedure. - D-261 filled online, waited 3 weeks and then Payed the fee ( $120 ) for AOS. this is where i have question. - the i-864 is to be sent over mail with the the following check list ? When i login to my case. this is what i see Do i start the "visa application"? also there is a fee for that, but shows $0 - When do i pay that? and lastly. everything in the checklist is required ( even military record ?) Thank you for all the help
  3. Hi guys, Quick question, once my wife and i go the the consulate interview ( don't have an appt yet ) and is approved, how long do we have before she has to leave her country? i know for most is a blessing, but in our case and plans ( our case is moving fast ) we were set for her to leave her country until January 2019. NOA1 Nov 3rd 2017 NOA2 May 24th Case sent to DOS may 30th
  4. So about 2-3 month to have a case number and then maybe another 2 months for interview? sound about right ?
  5. Thank you guys, very happy to see the process moving. quick question, i know i will have at least another 4 month before interview and approval, but per our plans we are not looking for my wife to be in the states this year, we would like for her to be here by January. so the question is once everything is approved ( interview and all ) she has 6 months to fly to the states right?
  6. PD: 11/01/2017 center: Nebraska NOA2: approved 5/23/2018 - NVC - Portsmouth
  7. guys, i'm back do i have to fill a I-130a along with a I-130 if i'm petition my spouse ?
  8. guys, 1) in the part for the petitioner it ask how many times i been marry ( does that include my current one ( which is my beneficiary) 2) in part 4 where it question my beneficiary ( my spouse ) - in regards to how many times she been married ( which is zero ) do i just say 1 ( current one ) which is me. correct? also in his casa date of marriage ended i just leave blank 3) part 4 where is ask my beneficiary family information ( do i just list myself and our daughter ?
  9. Guys, Thank you for all the great recommendations and the knowledge i gained in two days for the proper procedure and what is the best option in my case and the differences. I will marry her when she gets here next month, then she will head back, file the I-130 and go from there. CR-1 it is.Yes, it is a little more time, but saving 1k and the fact that she will get her GC once the CR-1 is complete.
  10. Geowrian: excellent, that what i wanted to know, Edit: just re-read your answer and answered my last question. regardless where we get marry she will have to wait in her home country to process the CR-1. i see a i-129f, but that is used only when a k1-k3 visa is used right? in my case i do the i-130.
  11. currently the I-130 is $535 but it seems that i also need the i-485 ( $1,140) if i go the CR-1 route
  12. guys, Thank you for all the great responses, so CR-1 it is, now is best to go there and get marry and have her wait there or have her come here using her b1 visa and get marry here ( in the US ) while she is here file the i-130 then the i-475 ( or no need for this one ?) and stay here or marry when she comes next month, then she gets to go back and wait for the cr-1 to be complete to com back again ( when she comes next month she has to go back regardless ? Thank you PS: i'm not concern with her working right after she is here ( she will not work for at least 2-3 years) i just want to know our best scenario considering the CR-1 and that i will like her and by Daughter to be here by next year
  13. Guys, i was ready to file a k-1 ( wow $535) , anyways i'm a little confused as to which route to take for my case ( IR-1 or k-1) my fiance has a regular b1/b2 visa ( she visited last year and getting ready head this way next month again. We have a Daughter ( already a us citizen ( not born in the US ). i have a previous marriage ( 9 years ago ) and my fiance has none. we known each other for about 7 years now ( Daughter is about to be 4) so which route will you guys recommend? visit her country and get married and file a IR-1 or file a K-1 now. thank you guys