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    June 2007: Met online through a "silly rate-me" website that my former roommates got me into, which I dis-activated after a week. We continued correspondence with each other. I found him to be charming, and discovered that we have a lot of things and interests in common. I decided to "ask him out" online. I asked him again the next day because it was quite a story the first time I asked. ;)

    December 2007: Flew out to Jordan to spend 21-blissful-days together. I affirmed my love with him and his family.

    February 2008: Started the K1 process, it felt like a really long journey (but in hindsight, it was really fast!).

    October 2008: He had his K1 interview at Amman, which he passed with flying-colors, hehe.

    November 2008: Arrived at LAX airport via JFK.

    We married at the Santa Ana Old Courthouse on December 31, 2008!

    We have had our ups and downs. We found that we are able to work through the thin and thick -- which is very important to us. I look forward to many, many years together!

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  1. Hello - just stopping by and saying hello my fellow "jordan" petitioner. Hope all is going well with your case progression. It can be slow and painful, but stay strong!