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  1. @Lemonslice @OldUser Thanks for sharing the information. My wife is in the US now. Actually, we traveled between Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC pretty often. She stayed in the US up to 1 month per visit. I got my employment based green card in Aug/2019.
  2. Hi, I'm a permanent resident of the US. My wife is Canadian (She’s born in Taiwan). We got married in the US last year, and our baby was born in the US last year, too. My wife entered the US with her Canadian passport every time, based on agreement between the US and Canada, she can stay up to 6 months per visit. Currently, my wife would like to apply for the green card. Based on our investigation, there are two options: Adjustment of Status and Consular Processing. Currently, we prefer Adjustment of Status since my wife can work in the US after getting the EAD card and the Advance Parole document can allow her to travel back to Canada. Consular processing does not support EAD card or travel document. If we choose Adjustment of Status, is it OK for my wife to stay in the US when the application is in pending status? (Our concern is that she entered the US with her Canadian passport, there is no valid visa) If we choose Consular Processing, can my wife enter the US when the application is still in pending status? We know it might take more than 1 year to get the marriage based green card approved nowadays, which one option will take shorter time? Thanks, Kevin
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