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    GJen got a reaction from Shauna&Wael in Tax Transcripts   
    Just finished My interview! Everything went well. They didn't ask for any paperwork other than my greencard and passport! my oath ceremony is in 2 hours.
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    GJen got a reaction from Messybrownhair in N-400 April 2014 Filers   
    So all I needed to do was complain on visajourney lol they just sent me a text saying I'm in line for interview
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    GJen got a reaction from Vishnya in Divorced single mom filing!!!   
    If you're applying for citizenship based on 5 year residency, I don't think they will concentrate much on your marriage. since you already divorced I think you need to submit this information. I think it would be a bigger deal if you were applying on 3 year rule (married to US citizen who brought you over the US), but you're not. So you should be fine.
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    GJen reacted to christeen in Help me understand Obamacare   
    It's NEVER the right time to get sick or have an accident! One incident or illness without insurance and you can be digging out financially for years!
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    GJen reacted to Ismael&Blair in Help me understand Obamacare   
    Thanks to this Obamacare requirement . I also had to buy healthcare insurance for my hubby (added expenses). My hubby is worth it but I wished I had an option to wait until it was the right time!
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    GJen got a reaction from user19000 in His family is forcing him into wedding annulment, before AOS interview.   
    You say you married him because you love him, yet you seem more worried about staying in the U.S. than you do working on your relationship with your husband and your in-laws. I'm not trying to be mean, but with those two sentences back to back it just seems a little strange.
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    GJen got a reaction from Harpa Timsah in Filing AOS with evidence?   
    we just sent our marriage certificate (make sure it is a CERTIFIED COPY) not just scan the original!... ... when it comes to Affidavit of support.. INCLUDE evidence of his job.. like employment letter and assets.. we included assets and a bank letter, even tho my fiance met the requirement... like harpa said.. k1s dont need to send more evidence
    good luck with everything!
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    GJen reacted to Anh map in EMAIL FROM USCIS!   
    Just means that your case is working through the system.
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    GJen reacted to Nich-Nick in Ummm, maybe another stupid question!   
    I was so lost when I found VJ just trying to navigate it. I created at least two timelines because I couldn't find them. I didn't know how to find anything or get back to where I was reading posts. Everybody spoke in anagrams and posts would disappear that only said mbc. What the heck is mbc? I thought being a mod or thread mover was a license to be the meanest of all. I didn't ask questions because I was afraid of Julez.
    So I just started reading. You wouldn't believe all the stuff I've read and bookmarked. Every link and document dealing with immigration on USCIS, Dept of State, Customs and Border Protection, Center for Disease Control, US Embassy London, etc. I've called most of them too and asked questions. Eventually when I had some actual experience with a part of the process, I started answering posts. I tried to spell out all the words over NVC, CSC, AP, XYZ. And I tried to write on about a 3rd grade reading level because I realized there were alot people struggling with English asking for help. And I normally pointed out where to find something like "click _____ in the blue menu bar and find _____." I clearly remember all those posts that said "read the guides[you idiot]" and I had no idea what guides they meant or where they were or even how to get back to the thread I was reading. So that's why many of my posts sound like I'm over-explaining. I know there's new lost people out there who need it.
    Melissa-- a good place for you to start reading is the topics that are pinned at the top few posts of each forum. The K1 forum has one called "General K1 Guides and Info". The first post explains alot, even what a touch is. It took me many months to realize those were there and actually helpful.
    PS. I still don't know how to search on VJ and get usable results.
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    GJen reacted to JulianMelissa in Ummm, maybe another stupid question!   
    Oh come on now. She's not asking for you to file the bloody documents for her, she just wanted to know what some silly USCIS term was. I'll grant you that Melissa's a bit prone to leaping before looking, but what's the harm in a quick question? It could have been answered in a single answer, and now we've stretched it out to over 10 posts with the whole 'he-said she-said' bit. If everybody just clicked search then there'd be nothing to search on would there?
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    GJen reacted to Kathryn41 in New Game: Answer a Question with a Question   
    You mean, tear myself away from my computer screen to watch TV?
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    GJen reacted to The_Dude in Change my name or not??   
    Don't get a hyphenated name. It is the beginning of the apocalypse. First, if you have a hyphenated name and then have children, and then they marry someone who has a hyphenated name, just think of the ramifications. Generations from now, you'll have names like James Smith-Jones-O'Neill-Martinez-Matsui-Johnson. Just think of all the extra trees that will die from all the extra letters to be printed in paperwork alone. So, hyphenating your name kills the environment, please, think of the trees.
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    GJen reacted to john_and_marlene in Bring Back the "-1" rating   
    There needs to be some way of indicating that a post is giving bad information. It happens every day and unless there is some discouragement, bad advice and/or misinformation will be propogated.
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    GJen reacted to mari&Ryan in Gente de Venezuela   
    Hi Ruy:
    Las preguntas del Consul como todo en esta vida, depende del pasado y presente de cada pareja, tu sabes, cada pareja tiene una historia diferente y las preguntas pueden ir en un sentido u otro. Bien, yo solo puedo hablarte de nuestro caso y el tipo de preguntas que nos hicieron.
    Mi esposo (entonces prometido) estuvo conmigo en la entrevista. Mi hija (K2) de 8 anios para ese entonces tambien asistio. Todos los tres fuimos entrevistados, incluso la ninia.
    La entrevista puede ser en ingles o espaniol (como tu prefieras), sin embargo si tu prometida no habla espaniol, con toda seguridad te va a hacer algunas preguntas en ingles (las cuales debes responder en ingles), para demostrar como ustedes se comunican.
    La entrevista fue larga (una hora) y detallada.
    Las mismas preguntas que me hizo a mi, se las hizo luego a mi prometido (para contrastar respuestas).
    Entonces las cosa es que te van a preguntar sobre la vida de tu prometida (todos los minimos aspectos de ella y su entorno).
    Donde nacio tu prometida (ciudad/Estado).
    Como se conocieron ustedes dos (fecha, sitio, y explicacion detallada de como se conocieron).
    Donde vive tu prometida (ciudad, Estado y detalles del apartamento o casa donde ella vive.
    Tiene carro o no (cual?)
    A que se dedica tu prometida.
    Trabaja o estudia, donde, el nombre donde estudia o trabaja.
    Cuanto tiempo lleva trabajando o estudiando.
    Fecha de nacimiento de ella.
    Nombre de los padres de ella.
    Si conoces a los padres de ella.
    Como son sus padres, a aque se dedican.
    Si ella tiene hermanos, hermanas, los conoces, a que se dedican (sitio donde trabajan o estudian)
    Ha sido ella casada anteriormente, si es divorciada, cuanto tiempo estuvo casada (fechas). Por que se divorcio.
    Ella tiene hijos? nombres, edades. con quien viven, etc.
    Que te gusta de ella.
    Cuales son los hobbies de ella. Nombra algunas cosas que a ella le gusta hacer.
    Comidas que le gustan.
    Que cosas le disgustan o molestan.
    Ella tiene alguna marca, cicatriz o tatto en el cuerpo. Donde y porque la tiene.
    Has estado tu en U.S. (fechas y motivos).
    Cuantas veces tu prometida ha estado en Venezuela (fechas y motivos).
    Cuando planean casarse (fecha, sitio, planes de la boda).
    Donde planean vivir en the U.S. (ciudad, Estado)
    Planean tener hijos.
    Ha ella estado enferma de algo serio alguna vez? Ha ella sido operada alguna vez? algun accidente (fechas, detalles de todos esas preguntas).
    Porque van a vivir en the U.S. y no en Venezuela.
    Esta es la lista de preguntas que yo recuerdo, porque esto fue hace casi dos anios.
    Ahora bien, el asunto aqui es el siguiente:
    Todas esta preguntas sobre tu prometida, una vez que tu las respondes, entonces te hace las mismas preguntas pero en relacion a ti mismo. Y aqui es donde el/la Consul cuando le toca el turno a tu prometida (si va estar presente en la entrevista) se las va a hacer a ella. Basicamente, es responder un cuestionario sobre la vida de ambos. Y entonces el/la consul compara respuetas y toma una decision (todo eso unido a los documento que ustedes presentaron).
    Es importante que recuerdes lo siguiente: El/la consul sabe las respuestas de antemano (ellos tienen toda la informacion de ambos). Lo que ellos quieren es comparar respuestas.
    Entonces, lo mas importante de todo esto es: DECIR ABSOLUTAMENTE LA VERDAD SIEMPRE. Si no sabes algo entonces di sinceramente que no sabes y ya. nunca inventes una respuesta. En mi caso yo no sabia algo que ella me pregunto y yo le dije que no sabia y ya. no problem.
    Espero que esto te sirva y que esten bien preparados para ese dia.
    Les deseo la mayor de las suertes y mucho exito a ambos.
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