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  1. I live in a culture where we stay together with your spouse, as well as your parents for majority of your life. Both of my parents have been diagnosed with non-curable cancer (late last year). My expedite was for two reason 1) To assist my spouse with her mental health, so she can be treated here. 2) She can also take care of my parents/live with them as they do not have much time. Neither can they travel in such condition to see their daughter-in-law, and neither can the daughter-in-law come here... Things are going to go down-hill with their health before my spouse's petition is even approved. I wouldn't necessarily call it odd*. Mental health is a problem in 1st world countries, just imagine how it must be in 3rd world countries... But I think the consensus from this forum is just to wait it out as expedite won't do much good.
  2. Got it - I guess I will just wait as much as possible. Have been counseling through video calls, and will be visiting for a short period soon. So if I expedite or try to, will it be an issue at the medical exam?
  3. 2 months ago I tried to expedite. I personally had the same reason - for my spouse's depression, but I used my parents health (cancer) as a way to expedite since I don't have any formal documentation for my spouse's health. I was told if I expedite again - each denied expedite will delay my petition even further. Would you still suggest to expedite in this case? Also will they look at the past request and see contradicting info and deny? EVen though both reasons are legitimate.
  4. Hello Everyone, I am writing today in desperate times... I won't give the whole story as I have been advised against it. But in short, my spouse is going through very rough life. She is going through depression for several months now. No apparent cause/trauma - but more so clinical depression. Her family members that she resides with do not believe in "mental health", and there are no centers around her to give her assistance. She is very restricted due to the culture and also cannot travel due to such reasons. Only way for her to get help is to come to the U.S. and I can treat her here. Is such an explanation grounds for expedite request? I wish I could provide more details, but they are a bit personal - but life has been miserable just seeing her in this situation with no help. If expediting is not applicable for this reason - am I able to do a visitor visa?
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