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    This is none of my business but I was wondering if Tpezzuto and webcritic are one and the same person and if they are hired by OLVIS or the Olvis owner himself? It seems they just joined VJ to dispute the bad experiences of other people who used OLVIS. If it is so, isn't that a bit unprofessional to be challenging displeased clients this way? They paid for the service, it was undelivered, they do have the right to vent... adding more insults to injury will only add to their displeasure with OLVIS and this is not the only forum that displeased clients could vent, would Olvis need to run all over the net to challenge every word against them then?
    Cebu Pacific has had MANY displeased clients who are venting all over cyber space yet cebu pacific do not follow and challenge everything, they just continue to do what they can in the best way they can and let the few satisfied travellers spread the good news for them. Can't olvis do the same? Personally, I don't believe praises I read from supposed "overly satisfied clients" posted on a companies personal site coz it is easy to make up one.. word of mouth from people you personally know still holds greater value.
    Well, we didn't go through any agency or any immigration lawyers, we just have "DEAR OLD VJ" and the "DEAR OLD VJERS" to assist us for FREE and we were approved with no problem at all. Filed:January 29, 2008, NOA1:Feb. 1, NOA2:March 18, Visa on hand:June 3 (i would have gotten the visa sooner if I grabbed the April 1 interview date that was first offered to us when we called)... by the way my fiance has had 3 divorce, I have 2kids... i also know quiet a number whose fiancee has been annuled or some petitioners who has filed petitions for other person before, and or someone who was denied a tourist visa before, or some other minor complications and they also didn't hire lawyers or agencies and was approved in no time with no problem at all.
    As others have said, if your case has no big complications, there is ABSOLUTELY no need to hire immigration agency or lawyer. The process only seems complicated at first but when you start working on it, it is just a very simple process actually. Immigration agencies and immigration lawyers WILL NOT and CAN NOT make the process any faster than other cases NO MATTER what they claim. We were approved in less than 2 months all because VSC was working faster that time as compared to how they are doing now.
    And by the way, VJ also SPELL OUT all requirements and STAY ON TOP OF EVERYTHING AND SO MUCH MORE because we have people here who are going through the process in real time, day in and day out (day time in philippines, night time in other countries and vice versa). And there are members here who are lawyers, doctors, researchers and etc., no immigration agency or immigration lawyer can claim that diversity of information sources... and all for FREE.
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