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  1. yea definitely more deductions, couple kids and and our primary home coming up aroung 35k so yes it is better to itemized. thank you though 😃
  2. i believe after the case is approved, you should have gotten something in the mail that you need to provide NVC (some documents i am assuming)
  3. ahhh, so you have the NOA2 now. and waiting for NVC to receive your case right? i have to do more research maybe you can update your timeline 😃 thank you
  4. i guess i am alittle confused. isnt f2b, permanent resident's kids over 21 or am i wrong?
  5. I was looking atUSCIS processing times, https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/
  6. Do you guys have properties abroad? If so, how did you add them to your deductions as to mortgage interests? since 1098 are no available? Thanks
  7. is your petition in CSC? THey are currently working on june 10, 2014? have you not received anything yet?
  8. Adding my mom's F2A Petition for my StepDad PD: April 5, 2019 CSC but later transferred to Nebraska at the beginning of this year. are we waiting longer now? coz their processing time is longer apparently
  9. Adding to the list of F2B waiting line My mom Petitioned for my siblings as a Permanent Resident and the sibs Priority Date is May 2, 2016 Service Center is: California Service Center as of Feb 17, 2020, they are working on June 10, 2014 question: how long do they work on day filing? I have been seeing June 2014 for the past 2 weeks? when do you think we will get NOA2? do we need to wait 2 more years? Thank you, Micah
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