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    Rick & Talia reacted to Hannah & James in i129F Outside Normal Processing Times Email from USCIS   
    Seeing as this was July 17, we got an RFE on August 17 so 4 weeks after this, and then 69 days of RFE we were approved.
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    Rick & Talia got a reaction from biscoito1r in JULY 2021 I-129 K-1 FFILERS   
    Hi everyone, I’m a July 15, 21 filer 469 days now waiting for noa2. I submitted a outside normal processing time to uscis on oct. 25, 22 & this was their response. 
    Has anybody received a response like this before? & how long would it take for required security checks to be completed?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Rick & Talia reacted to SolRebel in JULY 2021 I-129 K-1 FFILERS   
    It would be the last 6 digits of your account number.  I was in the 107000 range.  
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    Rick & Talia reacted to SolRebel in JULY 2021 I-129 K-1 FFILERS   
    So I saw this status and almost started crying again. Went to case tracker to find my case number range and BOOM, the alert pops up and then tells me our case was approved! Halleluyer! Finally! We are July 1 Filers and it's about dang time.
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    Rick & Talia reacted to BBBJ in JULY 2021 I-129 K-1 FFILERS   
    Noa1 9th July 
    Noa2 6th September
    If I could I would share this good feeling with all the couples still waiting, to encourage you and keep you strong till your day comes. Nobody outside this process can really understand what we are going through and how it feels.
    Special thanks to all the people doing daily updates. I've been actively (midly put) reading and following since January, one long journey I'm happy to finish. Good luck guys!
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