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    Had my interview yesterday and i passed it!!! eeehhaaa...It felt so good to be congratulated and welcomed to the U.S.A. by the consul..It wasn't really hard after all..Thanks to VJ family..I owe this to you as well!

    I was already at the embassy at around four in the morning.At around five we were guided to sit on those benches at the waiting shed after showing the guard our appointment letter and a valid I.D. I think it was at around six past when we were allowed to enter the building and were seated on those blue chairs.An employee then told us to prepare our DS forms and appointment letter as well and to wait till its our turn to show those forms and get our number..My number was 7024.

    Numbers aren't called in order but randomly..My number got called first and I was assigned to window 21.She only took my authenticated Birth Certificate and my NBI Clearance..I was only asked a few questions like:

    How many times did he visited me?
    When and how long did he stayed on each visit?
    When was he born?
    How many times was he married before?
    Why did those marriages ended

    She wanted to see some pics of us together and just told me to flip through the pages so i did..She then asked for my for I-134 affidavit of support. I asked her if she needed the income tax returns.. She only took the 2006 and 2007 income tax returns.Then she told me to go back to my sit and wait for my name to be called again and to prepare my pics so i could show it to the CO.

    After the biometrics, I went back to my sit and waited.I think it was almost ten when my number flashed on the screen for my CO interview. I was assigned to a very nice lady at window 28.She then told me to take an oath and raise my right hand.She asked me the same Q's the prescreener asked me.After asking me those questions..she took time to read my documents then said ALL MY DOCUMENTS ARE IN ORDER..CONGRATULATIONS! WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.. CALIFORNIA IS A VERY NICE PLACE. THE WEATHER OVER THERE IS NOT AS COLD AS THE OTHER STATES.A LOT OF FILIPINOS LIVE THERE TOO SO I AM SURE YOU ARE GOING TO ENJOY YOUR STAY THERE.( WOW!!! ) She then told me to go back to my sit and wait for my name to be called for Delbros.

    When my name was called for Delbros i gave the guy my deposit slip for document verification.He took it and put it in a folder together with my thick file..hehehe..and told me to then go to the delbros cashier to pay my visa delivery fee. I paid P1,165 for them to deliver my visa..shocking???..lol..i know..but yet this is how it's done..so no complaints..

    I was out of the USE by 11am..thank gawd!Only have to wait for my visa. For all those who passed the interview..CONGRATULATIONS and GOODLUCK!!!
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