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  1. 8 minutes ago, Diamda2005 said:




    i hope everything is going well.


    My sister, sister in law, won the dv lottery in 2016.


    she came in the US in April 2016, she paid all the fees and even received her social security number, but the green card never came.


    she had an emergency family ( her dad had some health issues) and needed to go back there after a month.


    being back in Romania and the fact that her green card never came to the address she declare, call at the embassy and also USCIS but never had a right answer


    from the embassy put her to call USCIS, there was said that they can not find the case.


    she has in her passport the stamp and that old visa for the entry.


    The question is, after so many years ( almost 7 years), do you think is any chance that she can do something in this regard, to get back her green card or at least a tourist visa amd come?


    she wants to come visit but we don’t know which is the best way to go.

    i tried to find info  about similar cases but i wasn’t able.


    any advice is greatly appreciated!


    thank you!



    Sorry, you mean she went back to Romania and stayed there for the next 7 years? She could have returned just with the visa in her passport, it was good for one year. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Zaidba said:


    I have a friend 2023 DV winner, and has not received an appointment yet even though his number is under 5000. What actions he can do to get an appointment? Please advise and let's know of any experience with similar situation.

    What region? What embassy? What is their country of chargeability? 

  3. KL is unique in that they actually pre-screen documents post-2NL, pre-interview.


    They expect proof of admission (physical presence) and a residence type visa or permit (ability to stay within Malaysia for interview processing). 

    You can get away with choosing KL at the KCC stage - they don’t usually check so long as your inputted address is proper - but you’ll hit a roadblock once you get your 2NL if DOS has not yet announced their solution for Sudanese DV (ie; instructing all or specific embassies to intake Sudanese), or you have not yet obtained a resident visa for Malaysia. 


    With that said, in DV22 KL made exceptions and helped out a bit with applicants who were stuck at backlogged embassies - all they required at that time was an admission stamp. Goes to show how much can change from one DV year to the next. 


    Are there any other countries you could realistically get a long term visa for by the time you interview? You can guesstimate sometimes when that will be based on your CN.



  4. 1 minute ago, Fogo said:

    The reason why I asked because if this declaration 



    Yes, I’m aware of that recent announcement but I’m not sure it applies. 


    “This policy change does not affect the Covid vaccination requirement for foreign nationals seeking U.S. permanent residence (green card). Until further notice, adjustment of status and immigrant visa applicants must continue to show proof of vaccination, or eligibility for an exception, in order to pass their green card medical exams. It should be noted that, in general, green card medical exams require several vaccinations that are not required for international travel. Termination of any vaccination requirement for green card medical exams would require a separate announcement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).“


    That’s the closest thing I could find - but it’s from an immigration law firm, and not an official government source. If you look up “CDC Technical Instructions for Panel Physicians”, which is the guide for the immigration medicals, they haven’t made any recent announcements. 


    I could see them clarifying this soon though.



  5. 1 hour ago, Fogo said:



    I have a question, is it true that on May 11th the US government will stop requiring to be fully vaccinated by COVID-19 vaccines before you attend medical examination?

    I’ve not seen any official update actually to the immigrant requirements - looks like only non-immigrants at the moment are affected by the lift. 

  6. 5 hours ago, FONA said:

    Yes, but it can be a second selection from what I have understood now. Some years, even if it is rare, there have been a small number of selectees, small here is 80-90 000, compared to around 150 000. That happened in 2018 and 2012. And when that happens, there is a second selection during the period of Sep/Oct the same year you can see the results.

    Yes, continue to hope that a second draw will be done because of a glitch that’s totally likely to happen again. 

  7. 35 minutes ago, Damirga said:

    It's a 2024 winner, and the form isn't submitted yet, That's why I was perplexed!

    At the beginning of the form, you select the location for your interview, and this choice cannot be changed later.


    KCC, when processing the DS260 and determining interview location, considers your selection and compares it to your present address.


    When they differ, the present address is the preferred input.


    If the present address does not have a US consulate or embassy, they assign those nationals elsewhere, usually in a country that is relatively accessible. For example, Somalian applicants are assigned to Nairobi, Afghan applicants to Islamabad, Chad applicants to Yaounde, etc; The events in Sudan are too recent though and as such DOS has not yet announced what embassy will process Sudanese nationals.


    To change your interview location, your current address must be within the jurisdiction of your desired embassy. KCC will see the difference and will base the location on the address.


    After submitting the DS260 you can also email

    them at kccdv@state.gov and clarify that the selection is inaccurate and you should be interviewed at embassy X, but it’s important the present address matches or they may not honor it. 

  8. 27 minutes ago, Damirga said:

    Hi! How can I change the interview location in form DS 260 (dv lottery) before submission? I'm filling this for a friend,  and due to war in Sudan, he won't be able to have his interview in Khartoum, Sudan. So, I suggested a couple of countries that require a counter visa only for Sudanese citizens; So I put Malaysia as starters and proceeded with filling the rest of the form thinking I can go back and change the embassy location once we made a final decision. The problem is that when I went back to change the interview location, this section was no longer active and grey color. I can't change it anymore no matter what, even though I haven't submitted the form yet. Does this mean I have to email KCC to unlock it for me? Help, please!

    I attached a screenshot.

    Thanks in advance!


    Is this DV2023? And to clarify, the DS260 has not ever been submitted?

  9. Just now, FONA said:


    But they used to do that from what I know? They used to tell the applicants to save their number and see if they got selected later.


    So that is not the case nowdays then?

    I don’t know, but it’s good practice to save it until at least Sept 30. You can follow the news maybe, set an alert for “Diversity Lottery,” but if you’re not selected today it’s usually over. 

  10. Just now, FONA said:



    Today is the day many of us have been waiting for, some hours left now to see if you that applied for Diversity Visa program got selceted or not.


    I don't really know if this was the prior years before, like a decade before or so. But if you logged in with your confirmation number and you didn't get selected the first day of results or maybe the first month, you got an information box on the Departmen of state/USCIS website that you may keep your confirmation number and check in later, because there might be a chance that you could get selected later in the process. 


    I don't know if this is the case today? When looking back at some screenshots from Google, this is indeed the case, but those are from 2011 and 2016 I think.


    Is this scenario also true today? Because today is the day that folks can check if they got selected, but if they didn't, can they get selected later?


    How long should one wait and check? Should I check continuously for some months?


    Or did the Department of State simply remove that option, i.e, if you ain't selected, you won't be selected for that fiscal year?



    The results are published at noon EDT.


    When you login with your confirmation number you’ll have a selection letter or a “not selected” letter. 


    DOS does not usually run another draw unless something crazy happens, like a malfunction.

  11. 1 hour ago, Catperson_rx said:

    My fiance had her interview at the Abu Dhabi US embassy yesterday. They refused her visa for no apparent reason. The interviewer gave her a sheet that our case requires "administrative processing" and may take several months. They did not ask for any evidence of relationship, I-134 form, W2 forms, or the any financial support documents even though we had all of those with us! We are utterly devastated because we waited 637 for an interview date and we planned the wedding and we were not expecting having to wait more months. This morning they sent me (petitioner) to fill out DS-5535. The questions in DS-5535 are almost the same as DS-160 which we filled out like 3 months ago. I don't know what to expect after this. Does anybody know how much longer we would need to wait?

    Iranian applicants often face DS-5535 vetting, and Ankara, one of the designated Iranian posts explicitly says that administrative processing for Iranians can take six months or more. Sorry, it must be devastating. Good news is that most eventually clear.





  12. 16 minutes ago, FONA said:

    Encounters where there never happened anything. Its common here in Sweden nowdays that the cops stop and pull over people with foreign background, even worse if they sit in black sedan cars. But one of these times I got mad, because it isn't really normal. Does my story fit in to the category of moral turpitude according to you?

    Evaluating CIMT can be complex, which is also why any and all court records (of which you have at least two?) are to be presented at interview.


    It appears that resisting arrest can be considered a CIMT in some cases, as are uttering threats, but it’s case specific and I’m in no position to determine that for you, and frankly, neither are you. The point is that you must disclose it, as well as provide the court records, even if it ends up as dismissals. 

  13. Is this about the DV lottery?


    If you are selected there are a few questions in the DS260 that apply to you, see attached. Also not sure if you meant to say “molestation”? And the threats to the journalists, was that political?


    In any case, just because your PCC is clean doesn’t mean you’re not required to disclose your arrests and pending (criminal?) cases. On top of that, your immigration medical will need to address your mental health. 


    It’s worth noting that it’s unlikely you will be selected in the lottery anyway, but good luck. 




  14. 2 minutes ago, Simeon Mezie Cole said:

    Thanks so much for the help I really do appreciate it, I am going to write them tonight.

    what do the CC mean? 

    It means to include them as a recipient in your email, so you are sending the same email to both KCC and Monrovia. Don’t forget to include your CN, full name and birth date in your email. 

  15. Just now, Simeon Mezie Cole said:

    Monrovia Liberia benson street.

    You have to be persistent with KCC, they need to set you up with an appointment at Monrovia to show your ID.


    Something like this: “Dear KCC, my DS260 is blocked. If i need to appear for identity verification, please arrange the appointment. My post is Monrovia.”


    I would also CC Monrovia in your emails: ivmonrovia@state.gov

    to get their attention. 


    I know a few people that this happened to and KCC responded with that same reply several times. It was only when they involved the embassy in their correspondence that things were resolved. I don’t know why. Once you appear at the embassy for verification they unlock your DS260 for 1 week. 

  16. 1 hour ago, Simeon Mezie Cole said:

    Thanks to everyone for the advise, I appreciate, the thing is I have contacted KCC and also the US Embassy, 

    and this is KCC response always: 

    The information you provided will be forwarded to the appropriate department.  In the future, please send your required documents to KCCDVDocuments@state.gov.


    this is all get from them each time I send emails, and my CN is 22K

    What is your embassy?

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