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  1. 10 hours ago, Gha said:

    Hi @APRIL2023 my interview was in last October and put me in administrative processing and they did not issue me ds5535 . After 6 week they send me email there were 13 questions in the mail same like Ds 5535 . After 7 week of they issued my visa for 2 days they they again refused my visa and asked me Ds5535 and submitted everything in first week of March .it been 8 months and still refused


    When you say Issued, you mean your CEAC status was “Issued” for two days and then they changed it back to “Refused”?

  2. 2 minutes ago, APRIL2023 said:

    I have not communication from them period. 

    I know that there wasn’t a formal form (I learned from this great forum). So I included all the info that would be asked in my email to them. I’m hoping that they have received the info and is processing it 

    Sorry that was a reply to @SGtoMurica but I hope that as well for you. Hang in there!

  3. 5 hours ago, SGtoMurica said:

    Did you get an email from the Consulate requesting for information similar to DS-5535?


    I didn't receive a DS-5535 form to complete either. However, I did get an email from the Consular Officer asking about my siblings, children, past passport numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses (no mention of social media handles)

    Usually you don’t get the actual form at MTL, it’s just an email that you reply to with your answers. 

  4. 1 hour ago, justanamericangrl said:

    It’s ridiculous. We were actually mistaken though. His medical expires in a month but his police check expired in May!


    They didn’t ask for it in the email? Wonder if they will

    Get a new PCC, you don’t have to wait for them for that one. Interestingly, DOS considers PCC good for two years (regardless of actual expiry) but if I’m remembering correctly MTL sometimes still asks for a fresh one anyway, at least that’s what I’ve seen in the past. 

  5. 10 minutes ago, justanamericangrl said:

    Anyone have a timeline on how long it takes to get your passport back from consulate?


    we filed a WOM and finally got the email asking for my husbands passport (he sent it in immediately) but his medical expires in a few days and we’re worried it’s going to really delay things. Do you guys think it’s likely they will request a new one?


     “Any further processing of this immigrant visa case has been suspended until we receive the requested passport. Once submitted, the file will be reviewed, and the consular officer will provide further information on the status of the case.” - the wording in the email.




    Sending documents to the embassy goes through third party security sorting, and it can take a few weeks for it to finally land on a CO’s desk


    If your CEAC status doesn’t change to Issued by the date your medical expires, you will be requested to get another one, as the medical expiry is the same as the validity of the visa (6 months from medical).

  6. 13 minutes ago, throwitaway said:

    Check out this info for 221g for DV 2022, it should have the same patterns as other IV at Montreal except in this case there is a maximum (DV cannot be issued past Sept 30 of the relevant fiscal year).

    221(g) Statistics for Diversity Visa Applicants.pdf 951.19 kB · 1 download

    For context you can compare MTL to MENA embassies 🫠



    221g stats UAE.pdf 221g stats Riyadh.pdf

  7. 12 hours ago, Jvisa said:

    some people are lucky hear. Guys what is the maximum months of AP in the Montreal consulate?

    is somebody hear waiting more than a year and how many months ?please

    Check out this info for 221g for DV 2022, it should have the same patterns as other IV at Montreal except in this case there is a maximum (DV cannot be issued past Sept 30 of the relevant fiscal year).

    221(g) Statistics for Diversity Visa Applicants.pdf

  8. 12 hours ago, APRIL2023 said:

    I sent a follow up email again to inquire about my DS5535 form, because I never got one via email (my interview was in April). Got the same generic response again. However, I noted that their automatic response was different. It now has this “Immigrant Nisa Navigator” 




    it does have a section that talks about AP. Pretty much saying not to bother contacting them until 6 months has elapsed. 

    Doesn’t help much, but at least u can tell that more is being done to address the backlogs that they are dealing with. 

    You still don’t have your DS-5535??

  9. 24 minutes ago, farzady said:

    Do I need to go somewhere to apply for SSN and GC?

    Before crossing, be sure to pay your immigrant visa fee. Your visa packet should have instructions on how to do this. In your DS260 you would have indicated an address to send your green card. Once you cross, the green card will be sent to that address. It can take 1-6 months, I got mine in less than a month. 


    You would have also indicated in your DS260 if you would like an SSN produced. If you chose yes, like the green card it will be sent to that address. It comes quite fast, 1-2 weeks. 


  10. 49 minutes ago, topman said:

    What about importing cars or other household items? Do we need to declare everything during first visa activation visit?

    Also, how much time do we generally have before final move to the US. I will need to sell my house or rent it out, wife needs to find a new job, etc. which may take some time. 

    You only declare what you’re crossing with at the time. 


    Generally, if you are absent from the US:

    < 6 months you can preserve continuous residence for  naturalization

    > 6 months you break continuous residence for naturalization 

    > 12 months you risk abandonment of LPR status



  11. On 6/4/2023 at 8:51 PM, DeeM said:

    Hi everyone,

    I had my interview (EB) a few days ago. At the end of the interview, the visa officer congratulated me and said that I'd get my passport back in 1 or 2 weeks. However, a few hours later the CEAC status changed to "Refused" and I received an email from the consulate asking me to mail them my old passport (they kept only my most-recent passport at the time of interview). I  wasn't asked to fill any other form though.

    Not sure if this is the right thread but is there anyone else in the same boat? Any insights on how long this can take?

    That‘s an unusual request. I wonder if they have concerns about your travel history, was that a point of discussion at your interview? 


    As a general rule, Montreal moves in slow motion, and the simplest things take at least 6-8 weeks to resolve. 


  12. 27 minutes ago, Boiler said:

    As far as I can tell he has not been arrested, I can see maybe a civil case but that may be difficult. I am assuming he has not been stupid and written or said anything incriminating 


    Do  I think he is a crook absolutely 



    Has been succesfully sued for malpractice


  13. 5 hours ago, orhan said:


    The Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) has received your email. Review of documents prior to scheduling an appointment has been halted for the DV-2023 program year. You can find more about that decision at Diversity Visa 2023 update (state.gov). For DV-2023, KCC is not requiring or requesting your documents at this time, and submissions to this mailbox are not currently being reviewed.

     KCCDVDocuments@state.gov does not respond to inquiries. If you have any Diversity Visa related questions, please email KCCDV@state.gov with your case number, complete name, and date of birth, as entered on your original entry. 

     DV-2022 selectees no longer must submit to the KCC any other required supporting documents for DV-2022. You can find more about this decision at Diversity Visa 2022 Update (state.gov).

    After sending an email to kcc document, this is the answer that the system gave us. I didn't understand if only the winners of 2023 are not being processed now or not at all.

    I mean, I told you as much not to use that email.

  14. 18 minutes ago, Ahmeriem2020 said:

    Hello Everybody,

    A quick question, my wife interview is coming soon, the notice indicates that the immigrant should be fully vaccinated, my wife had 2 doses of Sinopharm more than a year ago. my questions are:

    1- is Sinopharm recognized by the US for immigrants?

    2- Since my wife already had 2 doses a year ago, should she get just 1 booster? 

    If anyone went through this experience please let me know. 

    Thank you.


    1. Yes






    2. No 


    You can also contact the panel physician where the medical will take place to confirm. 

  15. 22 hours ago, eliza627 said:

    Hi everyone, 

    After a year long wait we had our I129f visa approved in March 2023, but after inquiring with the NVC about a case update, I received the following email yesterday: 


    Due to COVID-19 concerns, the U.S. Embassy or Consulate General in [CASABLANCA, MOROCCO] suspended routine visa services. The National Visa Center will not forward K1/I-730 visa petitions to [CASABLANCA, MOROCCO] until they resume routine visa services. The U.S. Embassy or Consulate General will resume visa services as soon as possible, but they cannot provide a specific date. For the most up-to-date information about the U.S. Embassy or Consulate General's operating status, please visit their website at https://usembassy.gov


    Is the embassy not receiving visas? Is there absolutely nothing we can do at this point? 

    Casablanca is up and running, that’s a super outdated auto reply. They’ve issued almost 3000 DV visas this year so far, outperforming every African embassy apart from Algiers. There’s definitely no issue with routine visa services. 

  16. 3 hours ago, APRIL2023 said:

    I’m in similar situation. Had an interview with US employer within days of my Montreal interview. I thought immigration would go uneventful, given that I’m applying for IR1 visa with two children and husband who are already American. Got DS 5535’d. Employer notified. I tried the TN visa route but my job wouldn’t qualify (consulted with lawyer). Now exploring potential H1B visa option. We also connected with local congressman and a rep from the office has reached out to USICS to advocate for prompt AP review. The rep told us that it’ll take 30-180 days for USICS to respond. 

    Try the TN or H1B route, but that’ll require work sponsorship (if they are willing and hopefully have a H1B cap exemption) or ur job to fall under either visa categories. You’ll have to be clear that you have no intention to immigrate through these visas while your IR1 is pending, in hopes that USICS grant you the temp work non-immigrant visa. Also try the your partner’s local congressperson. Even if it’s generic response it wouldn’t hurt to try. 

    good luck! 


    Just a note that USCIS is not involved at all with your 221g AP, that’s all DOS. 

  17. 4 hours ago, Pearljamm said:

    So We decided to go with PIC and met with Chris, 


    He was an amazing guy to speak with and compared to the others, we were really comfortable with him. he will take on our case late june/early july should we not hear anything back.  


    He also mentioned if we get approved before filling, he would refund us the money which is amazing! The only downfall is that there's no monthly payment and it would have to be one payment and that'll take a hit in my wallet lol. 



    Also,  Does Montreal consulate copy paste their response to every email? I am a little disappointed that I got the same email it was a completely different question. 



    Chris did mention how Montreal was one of the worst US consulate, and i can see why 😕 


    Anyways, Hopefully we all get approved sooner than later. Wishing everyone the best! 


    Nice! Yeah, couldn’t recommend him enough.

    Yes, 99% of their emails are templates. Very rarely do they say anything different. Sometimes they paste the response, changing a word here or there, or rearrange a sentence 🫠


    Wish you the best

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