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  1. 18 hours ago, APRIL2023 said:

    Does that mean your application starts over? Is there an additional cost and wait to resubmit DS260?

    No, it’s just administrative, the portal unlocks the DS260 and applicant has to review, update as required, sign off and submit. The file is at the embassy already so it doesn’t “start over.”

  2. 35 minutes ago, Gha said:


    i have one question I read somewhere if you are in Ap in 1 year .your visa status show expiry soon .I am more then one year but no case status change still show refused 

    One more question my case number colour not red it show black

    plz can someone tell me 

    I really appreciate 

    thank you 

    Your application expires after one year. You will be asked to resubmit your DS260 when you clear. 

  3. 38 minutes ago, Niccie said:

    Honestly, I don’t know anymore. I don’t even know if there’s a point in doing so. I am emotionally exhausted to be honest. I am being punished for being born in Iran, and there is nothing I can do about that.

    Iranian 221g takes at least 6 months in the best cases, often a year or more. Embassies with jurisdiction over Iranian applicants are explicit about this.

  4. 4 hours ago, Superluminal said:

    It was explained to me that AP is only done at the consulates and the consulates don't get your info until like 2 months before your interview - well after your DQ. AP doesn't exist if you go the route inside the US. AP is all about the consulate being unable to make a determination.


    Why? I have no idea.

    I’ve actually come across info that for IV the CO is likely seeing your info for the first time at the time of the interview. 

  5. 3 hours ago, ShawnK said:

    So after researching this a bit more, if you do need to file a WOM, it's DC and Maryland that you want to avoid. The DC area seems to give more dismissals, something to discuss with your lawyer. 



    Choice of venue isn’t so simple - many going through consular processing must file in DC as they have no ties to another state. If you file in a state you lack ties to, your case may be transferred (added delays) or at worst dismissed. This is the reason DC in particular is busy - because it’s the appropriate venue for DOS suits. 


    Maryland is also busy because it’s where USCIS is HQ’d - but only a specific set of plaintiffs can file there - likely not any Montreal peeps as they need to sue DOS, not USCIS, unless they have existing ties to Maryland. 

  6. 17 hours ago, Ahmad0606 said:

    I’m wondering what they say in their response email back to you after sending a case inquiry to the Montreal consulate? I am trying to understand the logic behind the “case last update” in correlation with the emails. Thanks in advance 

    Case last updated changes are not useful - it happens when your file is checked. Could be progress, could be routine admin stuff, could be an email inquiry. 

    15 hours ago, APRIL2023 said:

    I stopped checking my status everyday now, cause there’s no point in speculating anything.

    This is the way

  7. 21 minutes ago, P3P said:

    Wondering if anyone has experience with this... I had gotten DS-5535, my case status on CEAC is still refused. My case number on CEAC has always been in BOLD RED. About a week ago was my last unsolicited case update. The same day as that last update, my case number changed from red to BLACK. The font is no longer bold, now matching the color and font of the case created and last updated dates.


    Curious if this has happened to anyone else and if it could indicate progess?

    CEAC had major system updates recently. 

  8. 15 minutes ago, i130applicant said:

    Does this mean DV is denied? Is there anything we can do to appeal - no documents requested at this point. Will this impact future immigrant/non-immigrant visas?  Sept 30 is the last date for VISA issuance for 2023 DV? 


    "A U.S. consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please follow any instructions provided by the consular officer. If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing. You will receive another adjudication once such processing is complete. Please be advised that the processing time varies and that you will be contacted if additional information is needed" 



    You’re in 221g.

  9. 11 minutes ago, anotheronewaiting said:

    And it sounds like once we get a DS5535, we will get one again if we file for anything else (I could be wrong though, since there really isn't much transparency from the governments behalf on this..). 

    Yes, future filings through DOS are more likely to trigger another DS5535, but if you are coming on a K1 you don’t usually go through DOS again. Your adjustment later would be with USCIS, who don’t use that form.

  10. 19 hours ago, SGtoMurica said:

    There is a court case recently that was dismissed after WOM was filed. https://www.courtlistener.com/opinion/9413495/augustin-v-blinken/?q=blinken&type=o&order_by=dateFiled desc&stat_Precedential=on


    This is not Montreal of course, but similar AP after consular interview. 

    This suit was dismissed because the claim became moot - the plaintiff’s visa was adjudicated.


    The other plaintiff in the suit can’t compel interview - it’s a different claim from the government’s duty to adjudicate an application, and extremely difficult to win on as there are too many factors involved. 

  11. 7 hours ago, SGtoMurica said:


    Thank you for sharing this. It's ridiculous that it takes WOM in order to overcome this. Are you aware of any cases getting rejected after WOM?

    If a case is refused, it would have been refused anyway, with or without the WoM. The notion that a WoM will force a refusal because they can’t finish their checks is nonsense. 

  12. On 8/3/2023 at 10:22 AM, Kara.gana said:

    @throwitaway Oh, that’s not what we’re hopping for. The CO said she was approved and kept her passport. We have not received any emails from Montreal and my husbands and my daughters CEAC status hasn’t changed to anything. 

    Unfortunately, an oral approval at interview must be taken with a grain of salt. It’s common for a CO to recommend approval but the case is later sent into 221g when reviewed by a supervisor. CEAC status is your best reference - a visa will not be printed on a passport without the CEAC status changing to “Issued”

  13. 1 hour ago, Se&Se said:

    My sister won DV2022,We applied for the DS260 she and her husband in September 2022. We are waiting for the email to submit documents and schedule the interview till now.

    Did we miss anything? Anyone is same boat?

    DV2022 is over, Sept 30 2022 was the last day. DS-260 was submitted way too late.

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