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  1. Hey! Question, what did you write in the email you sent to NVC? It was sent in the public inquiry thing or via an actual email address?
  2. My case was approved yesterday, June 17th!!! 🎉 I'm so happy. I am part of the 84000 group. Everybody, keep your hopes high that your turn is very near!!!
  3. I hope it gets approved soon! Thank you. I'm sure that with a bunch of photos and sharing your future life plans as a couple you'll do great! This is the last effort. Crossing my fingers for you 🤞
  4. Just saw you got approved today! CONGRATS!!!! Wish you and your partner all the best. We're still waiting ☺️
  5. It's great to see them moving in the 84000 group! Last update was from September 2021 🥲 We're very close 🙏
  6. Got it! Thank you so much for the explanation! Mine then is 84000, how can I verify how the cases of my group move? I see per updates from before today that other users did in this threat that my group is not being worked that much yet.
  7. Hey sorry if this is a simple question, I'm trying to understand how y'all correlate information about your cases. How do you know which group is your group? I got my NOA1 in May 07, so I'm also waiting.
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