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  1. When you say I may avoid being asked biometrics I’m assuming you mean for me to also submit the criminal background check with my petition?
  2. Ok so my beneficiary has lived at 5 different addresses in the past 5 year. I am going to type up a separate document with all the address details. Should I put my name and address on the header or hers? My initial thought Is mine since I am completing the I-129F form, but it is information regarding her so I’m second guessing myself. Also should I sign the document at the bottom or have her do it?
  3. Thank you, this is very helpful. I only have 2 charges. One was an underage drinking citation i got in indiana in 2015, but i did all the required community service and what not so it was dismissed. (I still printed the whole certified file to send in) my other incident was actually in Mexico. Police arrested 4 of us on the side of the street and put us in jail because 1 of us was drinking a open container. We just paid bail and left on that one. When. Got t Mexico next week i will get a certified copy of that. Do you think i should still do a fbi records since I know those are the only things I’ve done?
  4. I gathered my certified copies of court documents as I am supposed to do to submit with my petition.(criminal records) I know that USCIS seems to want photo copies of everything, not originals, but I am a little unclear on this part. Do they want the actual “certified court copies” (with raised seals), or exact photo copies of them?
  5. Sorry I am not submitting it online, i am downloading it and completing the form with adobe, then printing it out.
  6. I am in the process of filling out my beneficiary’s address history. She lives in Cozumel, Mexico and the addresses are confusing and complicated to say the least. Anyways she is in Cozumel, which is in the state of Quintana Roo, country Mexico. However, the application only allows you to input states from the US. Should I just leave it blank and only in put the city and country (Cozumel Mexico), or should I put Quintana Roo as province? Example: Address: 123 Easy St aptatment #1 City/town: Cozumel State: [only available to select US states] Province: N/A………or Q.ROO Postal code: 12345 Country: Mexico
  7. While filling out out my I-129F form online it would not allow me to complete all parts. For example when I selected “No,” for the question, “Have you ever been married it doesn’t allow me to fill in name of previous spouse. I intended to fill in all blanks with N/A, as specified in special instructions on the USCIS website, but I had to leave it blank because it wouldn’t allow me to fill anything in. Now that I have printed my completed document should I just leave it blank, or should I go back with a black pen and fill in N/A, or NONE on all empty spaces. My only concern is that USCIS may not like me submitting a form that is partially filled in online and partially handwritten. Let me know what you think or if you have experience with this. I have read about the RFE for not filling in all blanks.
  8. I would like to know the answer to this too.
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