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  1. Hello, so basically my fiancé is from Iraq and our K1 fiancé visa case is at the NVC. The NVC contacted me yesterday asking me to pick one of 3 embassies because the USA embassy in Baghdad is closed. I picked the Embassy in Doha, Qatar. Now my question is how can my fiancé get a visa from Iraq to Qatar. The embassy for Qatar is also closed in Iraq. Does anyone know what we can do? Will the USA embassy in Qatar help us get a visa for my fiancé so she can attend her K1 visa interview in Doha? I appreciate the help!
  2. Has anyone from Iraq gotten their case transferred. My case is currently at the NVC, but I wish I could know what country our interview is going to be in. I heard the Baghdad embassy is currently not accepting K1 visa interviews. Anyone have any idea where they would transfer us?
  3. Has anyone been able to register for an interview at the embassy in Ankara Turkey? If so how long is the wait time? Is the embassy even open?
  4. Hello, when I applied for my i-129f I put my embassy was iraq, Baghdad. Iraq isn’t processing k1 anymore and is closed, so where would I get sent? Do I have a choice where I can interview?
  5. Ok I don’t understand why it’s not grounds to expedite but that’s ok. So what if I was the one who was diagnosed with cancer would that be grounds to expedite? I don’t really understand the process to be honest. Are the criteria the same for NVC and Embassy or is only the Uscis have specific criteria? Thank you
  6. Hello, I had a NOA1 on 11/23/2021, and we filed for a K1 fiancé visa (i129f). I am an American citizen, and my fiancé lives in Iraq. My fiancé has complained of severe abdominal (pelvic) pain associated with several other symptoms. She had a check-up with a doctor a few days ago and is suspected of having an ovarian tumor. So cancer..... Iraq has crappy Medical facilities, and I'm sure if she gets treated in Iraq, they will kill her before cancer. I want to get her to me ASAP and at least get proper testing for her to see what's going on. I love her and can't imagine my life without her, I was just with her for a visit a week ago, and I'm now back to work. Is this grounds to expedite our case? Or do I have to quit work and spend time with her until our case is done? Please advise..... I can get a copy of the ultrasound and a medical report describing her situation. I can have them officially translated and do whatever else I need to do. I appreciate any help. Thank you all in advance.
  7. I did provide a copy of my fiancés passport that’s in English. If I do get an RFE to send translated copies how much extra time would that take? Approximately? And thank you everyone for the replies it really helps to get help during this stressful time
  8. Yes I did read through it but i did pay a lawyer for a reason, I didn’t know something like her birth certificate and gold receipt needed to be translated. I thought he would tell me. My lawyer is saying that the birth certificate isn’t even needed from the beneficiary and that it doesn’t need to be translated.
  9. Would that be an issue? It’s better than not doing anything right?
  10. I’m a USC For form I-129f I sent two documents in Arabic. My fiancé’s birth certificate and receipt of gold I purchased for our engagement like the ring. I gave these documents to my lawyer and he sent them as is in Arabic. I talked to my lawyer he said there’s no need to resend them with a translated copy. What should I do, should I translate and send the documents or should I just wait? Will my case take longer if I send more documents? My receipt date is November/23/2021
  11. Why do you say to not send anything right now? Do I lose anything by sending a additional document?
  12. Ok I’ll get it translated and send it. What about gold receipt. I bought my fiancé gold when I was in iraq and I sent a receipt in Arabic. Should I translate the receipt and send it as well?
  13. Thank you so much, I was really worried about that, there is one other thing I’m a bit worried about and that is the passport style photos. My lawyer attached a scanned copy of the passport style photos and I went to cvs to print them out, but maybe they weren’t the right sizes. Do you think that would be an issue?
  14. Hello I was born in the USA and am a citizen. Filed for I-129f for K1 visa to bring my fiancé in iraq to the USA reference date of November 23-2021. I payed for an immigration lawyer to file the petition for me but I see that he submit the application using a birth certificate of my fiancé in Arabic. I submitted the petition with her valid passport and an untranslated birth certificate. is this going to be an issue? I can translate the birth certificate and notarize it and send it as an additional document. Should I do that? when I asked my lawyer he said that it’s fine and we don’t need to translate her birth certificate. I would appreciate any help!
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