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  1. It was mailed to me, and it has the official seal of the court. I'll make some photocopies. Thanks!
  2. That was the plan. I have my original divorce decree packed with my passport etc. Do you think I should get a certified copy of it as well? Just in case they need a copy.
  3. I have been divorced since 2019, my name was changed back to my maiden name with the social security office, and my state drivers license etc is all in my married name. I decided to wait for when I file for citizenship to change it on my GC, as the cost is restrictive. Now I am wanting to travel back to NZ to see my family but my Covid vaccination card is in my maiden name. Does this name change invalidate my current GC? I have all of my documents together showing my name change, eg, divorce decree, letter from social security office, drivers license in my married name, marriage certificate, and I got a letter notarized saying that I am Samantha (maiden last name), and that it changed from Samantha (married last name) due to divorce. I called USCIS after my divorce to confirm that I could travel as long as I had proof of the marriage and subsequent divorce, and they said yes. Now with having to provide my vaccination card, and the name doesn't match my GC or passport has me worried that I may not be safe to travel with those documents. I don't want to get stuck in NZ. I tried calling USCIS again today to see if it'll be okay with my documents proving my name change, but the automated system wasn't helpful at all. I'm at a loss right now. Thanks in advance!
  4. That's what I thought. Hearing that from others makes me feel better about it though. Thanks for the reassurance!
  5. Hi all, I am finally able to get back to New Zealand to visit my family. I have been looking on the CDC website and I don't see anything definitive about if travel from NZ is banned or not right now? I know they're in Level 4/Red - Do Not Travel status with their case rate being insane. I am wanting to go back at the end of my semester in May, so not right now while Omicron is peaking. Before I book my tickets I wanted to make sure that I will be able to get back home at the end of my visit. I am an LPR that is fully vaccinated, boostered and will do any and all of the testing required for both directions. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!
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