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  1. congratulations! I enjoyed looking through this thread, it was obvious that you were doing a lot of research yourself and it paid off. “Chapeau” for updating us on your case.
  2. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/citlist.php?op6=All&op7=Salt+Lake+City+UT&op1=6&op2=&op4=1&op5=5%2C10%2C11&cfl=
  3. Don’t base your life on what could happen or forever tread water instead of powering through. Cross the bridge if it comes, there is always another way. Enjoy the moment, good luck on your journey.
  4. I’m not from Australia however like some others, we don’t plan to remain the US for the rest of our days. And for the reasons given by others, I also applied for my US citizenship (never know what the future brings, 10 quarters for working and ease of travel back to the US). with regards to researching our future home, we’re about 5-7 years away from making that move but I research everyday (joined Facebook groups to understand the process, purchased books, have been learning the language for past 2 years). Good luck
  5. https://www.uscis.gov/tools/how-do-i-guides/us-citizens/how-do-i-obtain-an-authenticated-copy-of-a-certificate-of-naturalization As Scandi mentions millions of us have all sent our original certificate and have received them back. We only read about the few that were lost and then believe that someone losing your certificate is the norm. See the above link for details on how to get a copy. Quote: “You do not need to obtain a Certified True Copy if the U.S. government asks for a copy of your certificate for official U.S. government business. For example, if the U.S. Department of State requests your Certificate of Naturalization when you apply for a U.S. passport, you may use a normal photocopy that has not been authenticated. You may use a normal photocopy of your certificate for legitimate U.S. government business.” Would you mind trying this and then letting us know if you got away with it ?🤨
  6. You are fine. If your spouse is a U.S. citizen, you only need three years of continuous residence while married to him/her.
  7. No it wont accept something that isn't there, I typed in "Timbuktu" and it threw an error warning
  8. Your 31 days out of the US will not matter. Just for interest: there is a physical presence and continuous residence requirement. Better explained here than I could I agree with the other respondents who state not to apply on the day that you become eligible. In my own interview the officer said "okay, our last thing today is to check when you applied" And she pulled out a calendar and walked it back manually. She got it wrong the first time and said "oh oh, let's check again". Squeaky bum time! However the second time she counted it correctly and said that it matches what she sees on her screen.
  9. I had guessed that. Different humor for different folks
  10. According to the N400 civics test Question 24, that would be California. Question 49: only citizens are allowed to vote in a federal election
  11. Believe it or not, (attached is the evidence) I was able to pull my travel details from the I-94 website up until March of 2020 - the month in which I applied for citizenship. I tried again recently using my UK passport and was unable to replicate this.
  12. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/citlist.php?cfl=0&op1=3&op2=d&op3=&op4=1&op5=5,10,11&op6=All&op7=Houston TX Stats here for Houston. 3 months is the quickest that I can see, you may be lucky since you applied this year and the office is trying to get through the backload. Personally I applied right at the start of lockdown and waited 14 months for my interview. Friend applied in May 2020 and just got through her oath two weekends ago
  13. Hey Shaawn, This may or may not be relevant to your particular case however some have filed FOIA and believe that this sped up their application. The wife of a close friend submitted in May 2020 (Houston) and had heard nothing then applied for FOIA in Feb this year. She was invited to interview in May and completed oath a couple of weekends back. More news about this issue and possible solution is here..... whether it worked or not, I don't know. The consensus seems to believe that it did. There is also a discussion about it here, posted by Eugene Krivsun - I'm not a member of the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/517983782770173/ Good luck
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