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    I was just tagging along to help my girlfriend celebrate her 30th birthday. Since we often travel together and have been to Hawaii, France, Italy, Spain, etc., traveling to Jamaica was just another destination....until....I met Kevin. I was not trying to get my groove back because I had never lost it. I was just having fun as usual. Of course I was not taking anything serious..at first.., but Kevin impressed me from the very beginning. By the end of my vacation, I had met his family, went to a party with his family, went to his house, spent every waking moment with him, and booked my next trip back before I even left. I was soooo sad to leave. I just could not believe how emotional I felt to be leaving him. That is just not like me. I am very much a realist, but I do not know what happened. I left my heart in Jamaica and will stay there until I return...very soon. We talk every day and laugh until my cheeks hurt. He is a good man with a good heart. I miss him dearly. Oh, if you are wondering what happened to my friend....she met her a man too and there relationship is doing good too :) We both will be back in January 08, but I might try to sneak down there before then...We will see. Take care.

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