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Make sure you know how to use facial care device and who can't use it!

If you use your facial device in the wrong way, you will not get the beautiful skin effect you originally intended. If you use a facial device in the wrong way, you will not get the beautiful skin you originally wanted, and if you use it in the wrong way, it may even have the opposite effect.

In order to avoid such problems, read the instruction manual that comes with the product when you buy it.

Be sure to check the instructions on where not to use the product, how to use it, and how often to use it. If you want to have beautiful skin, you may overuse the product and end up with blemishes on your skin. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations on how to use the product.

In addition, some facial products are not recommended for use during pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, atopic dermatitis, metal allergies, and heart disease. Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully to make sure it is safe to use. The Panasonic website has a list of examples of precautions for using beauty appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions about Facial Appliances

Where can I buy a facial appliance?

You can buy them at Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera, Yamada Denki, K's Denki and other electronics stores, as well as Nitori.

Is it possible to buy a used facial appliance?

You can buy used products on flea markets such as Mercari, but we recommend that you buy new products. Many stores and manufacturers offer full warranties, so you can buy with peace of mind.

Can I get a facial device by paying taxes in my hometown?

As of April 2021, Kumatori Town in Osaka Prefecture offers the Ya-Man Medilift as a hometown tax return gift. The information may change at any time, so please check the Furusato Taxation General Information website.

How do I dispose of a facial device?

It depends on the size and material. For example, L&L Skin website states that steamers (facial appliances) over 50 cm in length should be disposed of as oversized garbage. Be sure to check each municipality's website for information on how to separate waste before disposing of it. Reference site: Yokohama City Garbage and Resources Disposal List

Also, depending on the facial care product, you may be able to sell the facial device you no longer use to a company that operates a purchasing service.

Can I replace my facial device?

It is difficult to substitute. For example, some people think that they can use it as a substitute for a steamer by filling it with warm water and letting the steam hit their face, but it is not possible to keep the steam on the face continuously and efficiently like a steamer. It is recommended that you purchase a facial care device that suits your purpose.

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