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  1. congratulations!! How did you get the tracking info? email? text? both?
  2. I believe so. Good luck for your interview today, My mum has hers as well!
  3. so I got a conditional expedite. They will speed up scheduling of interview for dad but NVC still has to review docs first. my goal was to have both parents attend same interview date but that doesn't seem possible in this scenario. I understand that NVC has to double check and make sure everything is in order but I'm waiting for them to review one document for Dad. Mum was approved for the same docs but they needed more info from me for dad.. which as it turns out isn't applicable in this case. SO yes, I'm waiting for NVC to review a one line message saying ' I cant give you guys this, I have uploaded everything you need as the attached case was approved with the very same documents.' Annoying.
  4. It sounds like a conditional expedite. I am in the same boat for my dads application. We still have to wait for NVC to review and accept the uploaded documents before the embassy will schedule us for an interview. All the documents that you uploaded should say 'accepted' instead of 'submitted'. I don't understand how that is considered expedited, I guess it just eliminates the wait between being DQ and getting IL. As of now NVC is reviewing docs submitted on Feb 21... so 7 more weeks to go based on your mid April date before you hear back from NVC. Pray all documents get accepted and you do not get any follow up from them, as that essentially restarts the clock
  5. you are able to have paperwork delivered at your own address via premium delivery for a charge. standard is free and limited to set locations for pickup. I don't think quicker delivery is an option...
  6. yes. have you had luck with registering the interview? I keep getting a message to try later. :S
  7. so yesterday, after the whole day of waiting on the phone, finally connected with someone at NVC and they guided me how to draft the email etc. Keeping fingers crossed that things are expedited for dad. They seemed to think I had a valid reason to request the expedite. lets see!!
  8. That looks like you are really well prepared! Good luck!
  9. My mum got IL today and interview is scheduled for 1st of June. Still waiting for dad to be DQ-ed - anyone have suggestions as to how I can speed up dads review?
  10. is there a way to update travel information about trips made after the D260 was submitted? Should we fill out an updated ds260 to take to the immigration interview? thankyou
  11. The Canadian police certificates mention that its valid for 2 years but some countries only issue PCs which are valid for 6 months. For US embassies are those 6 month valid PC also good for 2 years?? Or should we just get new ones?
  12. no... , feb 18th here. but happy that jans are getting done, fingers crossed we will be next in line! if ILs are out today, is that it for the month or will they have another round later this month?
  13. just to share, we have a DQ date of Feb 18 and are waiting for IL
  14. Has anyone with a Feb 2022 DQ date received their Interview letters yet? Thanks
  15. Hello All, I have petitioned an application for my parents. My mum just got DQ-ed! YAY. Whats the current wait time for Interviews in Montreal? However my Dad got a review note for his case. The cases, and the paperwork are the same for both. I have submitted the same TAX info for both petitions however, NVC is asking for tax documents that don't apply in my case for my Dads case.. What's the best recourse for me? Does this mean my parents will have interviews on different days? assistance will be appreciated. Thank you
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