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  1. My wife had her oath ceremony today. The journey is over. Good luck to all, hope they keep working faster for you all.
  2. Great news. We have gotten two emails today about a case transfer and to wait for approval, but have the oath ceremony tomorrow. Will update.
  3. Actually we just now received an email saying that the 751 was transferred to another office for "initial review". Her oath is scheduled for tomorrow. We are going. I'm sure they will tell us then if there is some delay and the oath needs to be rescheduled.
  4. Online nothing has changed or updated. They scheduled her oath ceremony and indicated on the paper that it was approved, she passed the test.
  5. Wife just passed her citizenship test today in Norfolk, oath ceremony scheduled for next week. We were not called in for the combo interview, I had to wait outside. Finally over. We filed N400 in April 2021, and the 751 in May 2020. Good luck all.
  6. I don't think you are behind people. Based on the cases that YSC seems to be working on right now, you have a couple more months to wait. All of us that filed at YSC are behind other service centers, YSC is the slowest right now.
  7. I'd say a couple more months until your interview, but anything can happen. We filed 751 in May 2020 and N400 in April 2021. We just got citizenship interview scheduled for late January in Norfolk, still no word on the 751.
  8. Great news. We are with a couple days of your timeline for ROC and N400 and just got notice for the N400 interview late January. Finally movement. I wonder how it will proceed with a still pending ROC. We will prepare for a combo interview, and hope that it doesn't take too long to approve the 751 and hopefully be able to do the oath soon after the interview.
  9. Thank you. I was reluctant to use the mail service address because it's not where we live, and is in TX, which, if considered a true change of address, would switch offices and probably delay our paperwork. We filed the ROC in 2020, and hadn't started our travels yet. Maybe I'm overthinking, it seems so. Happy to hear that you are successfully using a service. Thanks again for the response.
  10. I have searched online to no avail, hoping that someone here my have experience and or advice. My wife and I are currently waiting on her ROC and have her N400 pending. We are in the process of searching for our retirement home, and travelling extensively in an RV while we wait out the process and decide on a permanent place to relocate. We have a mail forwarding service that accepts our mail and scans/forwards important items. We have NOT sold our house, and continue to 'live' in Virginia. USCIS mail is not forwarded, and I don't want to use our mail service address as our address, because it's in Texas, and we most certainly dont live there. Can we use a friend's address here in Virginia for USCIS purposes? I haven't seen any way to indicate simply a mailing address vs. Physical address with USCIS. Any advice or experiences are most welcome. Thanks
  11. Informed delivery says the extension letter was in the mail a week ago. Haven't received it. Did get a call from CIS to schedule an InfoPass appointment. They waited about a month to call back, and wanted to schedule an appointment for TOMORROW, 3 hours away. Wonderful. No ability to schedule ANY OTHER day, because it's not December yet. Great. More waiting. What a joke this outfit is
  12. I hadn't noticed, but yes, we have a letter from IMMAGRATION coming as well. Great that these detail oriented folks are basically in charge of my life right now....SMH
  13. Contrary to what the rep told me a few weeks ago, YSC has sent a 24 month extension letter to us. We never heard back for scheduling the appointment for the 551 stamp, I guess this is why.
  14. Call the regular number and when machine asks how it can help, say InfoPass appointment. That will connect you to a human who can schedule you.
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