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  1. she did enter legally in this country with A b1 visa
  2. hello i have a 10 year green card if i marry my gf who is here illegally will she get her working permit the time i get my us citizenship .
  3. hey guys i was married to a us citizen i did divorce and now based on the 5 years rule i want to filed my naturalization to become us citizen . do i need to include my previous wife information like us passport and all her information's we are no longer together . please can you help me on the check list to send to uscis .
  4. HELLO i am legal permanent resident with 10 year green card my GF I WANT TO marry came and overstayed her tourist visa for 3 years if i marry her and file for her green card how long will she have to wait to have her green card approved . while i think December I will apply for my us citizenship also any ideas will be greatly appreciated
  5. I got scammed by an undocumented immigrant of 4,000 thousand dollars. What action can I take? Can I go to small court claims? Will she be deported if I report her to I.C.E.?
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