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    Nutty got a reaction from AR&CB in Social Security retirement income   
    I am posting this because we prepared a Affidavit of Support from a Joint Sponsor.
    It is my understanding that social security retirement money is not a means tested benefit. Therefore it can be considered income on the Affidavit of Support.
    However, the Consulate Officer in Abu Dhabi said that SS can not be considered income.
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    Nutty got a reaction from Sunny123 in The little things your husband/wife does   
    When we eat fruit, my husband is always taking the first bite and then insisting I eat the remaining fruit. Pushing it my hand and saying, "this one is really delicious!" He always wants to give me his sweetest fruit.
    Brings me a glass of water when I go to bed (doesn't sound romantic, but it shows he cares).
    Adjusting my clothing to make sure nothing risque (by his standards) was showing. Although I found this habit annoying at times, I knew it was because he cared about me.
    When I was very sick a few times, he would bring me food and sit by my side. Sometimes doing Charlie Chaplin-like pantomime things to make me laugh.
    How about your spouses???? What do they do???
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