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  1. Update: I was able to open an online checking account with Capital one with the help of a family member in the states. You need to have a U.S. address and phone number to open and maintain an account but you dont need to go in person to a branch. I tried State Department Federal Credit Union but they wanted me to show a mortage or utility bill to verify my foreign address which I dont have because I live in my inlaws house.
  2. I (USC) am living with my husband in Slovenia while we wait for the spousal visa process/green card. I want to improve my credit score before we move so I recently opened a new credit card, but Im not sure how I will pay it from abroad. I have transferwise, but from what Ive read, its not a good option for paying a credit card bill and I know that using my EU bank card would be very expensive. Has anyone had success opening a U.S. checking account online from abroad? Related to this, is there any way for my husband to start building credit before he gets a green card/SS number? Thanks!
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