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    So I had my interview yesterday. I passed the civic test and English test. Then he proceeded with Yes and No questions. After that he started asking me about my divorce (I applied under 5 year rule) which I found weird but still answered. He continued with questions about my ex, from how did we meet, how long we knew each other etc. Then he asked for my 2020 taxes which I gave him. He looked through them and started asking me how much refund I got??? Then proceeded with reviewing my application and asking about my current job. At the end he told me that everything looks fine, but he can't make decision yet because he wants to review my file (I came on K1, got through AOS and ROC), and gave me decision can not be made paper and told me to wait. Now I am so frustrated and sad and I don't know what's going on. Did anyone else go through this?
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    At a minimum bring everything listed on your interview letter.
    I would also bring originals of everything you submitted on your application.  If you did any bank statements or similar dated items I would also bring a recent copy as well.
    For travel the big flag is if you left for 6 or more months.  If so you have to prove you didn't abandon residence in the US (paystub, lease, etc.).  Otherwise bring what you have as proof such as airline tickets/boarding passes, credit card statements showing charges when you return, etc.
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