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  1. So we can't get married again this what u are saying. We have work things out we have been talking since I called it off. And he has apologized for what he did in the past. And yes I have forgiven him.
  2. How is that fraud again? We knows each other for 2 yrs. He was a GC holder so I couldn't stay. I decided to go back home because of work. And he did some stuff I didn't like so I decided again to divorce him. So I don't know why u saying it was fraud when u didn't even know me or us.
  3. No I'm not in cuba, and yes he put me down on the form but I didn't know he dd that and the married wasn't a lie He just told me while we started talking again.
  4. No I'm not in cuba, and he put me down on the form. But I didn't know he did that.
  5. Hi, how are you? I have a question I was married my ex-husband was a green card holder when we got married. He applies for his citizenship while we were married. I file for divorce and we were divorce. He ends up getting through with his citizenship. I'm I likely by any chance would get through with my green card even though I'm divorced now? Oh, we will have to get married again for me to get through?
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