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  1. guys, can you please tell me whetehr this means that he can petition to become a citizen in a year after his green card arrives (or counts from the day he entered the US) because i remember that it was conditional 2 years, then in a year, the LPR is allowed to apply for citizenship, so since i thought he was getting his 2 year card, now the citizenship rule in our case confuses me.
  2. he knows he is waiting his 10 yr card not the 2.
  3. It is him who knows whether he loves me or not but the fact is that he keeps texing me day and night since he got kickd out wanting to reconcile. He also wants to offer me the $10K I helped him with when he was at the lowest point in his life overseas and I supproted him so he offered to pay back the money I helped him survive at a certain point when he lost his savings. He said today that i will get back the money that i helped him for and he is hoping that it will gradually make me reconsider a divorce that I mentioned to him.
  4. care to elaborate on the 'firm surveillance' part of yours?
  5. a few people talked about infedielity and cheating...i never implied he had s*x but rather i caught him on two dating sites liking a few profiles....this after all i did for him and helped him a lto in life at his hardest and lowest times when I didn't have much money myself at that time but i made sure to help him...he got on a dating site a month or two after moving and starting our lives together.
  6. So he is renting a room half an hour away closer to his work. He called me asking me if I can contact him once his g.c. arrives because he might find a new place later on and he doesn't trust the people he shares the home with, so he wants to get the card from me. He also said that even though this is th reason, but more important reason why he dosn't want to change the address is he still hopes that I'll tak him back so he doesn't want to end up messing with address changes then further complicate receiving his g.c.
  7. If by infedelity you mean sleeping with someone, he didn't do it...I only caught him on 2 dating websites where he liked a few girls, so he's been looking into profiles around. I know he didn't sleep with anyone as he just moved here two an a half months ago and I give him ride to work and back each time and can see that his work team arrives all together and the rest of the times he's either home or we're out together so even if he wanted to sleep with someone, he can't at this point lol. However, after all I did for him over the years, I would never expect him to scroll through dating website profiles just a month or two after moving to the US. I'm not even sure the point as he doesn't even speak English besides a few basic phrases.
  8. I meant conditional green card holder sorry.... not lpr my bad
  9. wait..I thought he is a LPR now..conditional green card holder. "A conditional permanent resident receives a Green Card valid for two years. To remove the conditions on your permanent resident status, you must file a petition within the 90-day period before your conditional Green Card expires."
  10. ok so we were married on october 1, 2018 in Europe, then it took around a year and a few months or his immigration interview at US consulate, which was supposd to take place in march 2020, but due to covid the whole thing halted until a year later, so he entered the US right after obtaining his IV visa a week prior to his travel so he entered April 1 a two an a half months ago. You said if u were married for two or more years...so yes we were as it happened in europe on october of 2018 but he only got his immigration visa just now. So do I count the two years from the time of our marriage overseas or now after he entered two month ago? I'm really confused.
  11. Hi guys. I really need some help please. I got married overseas a few years back, but it's only 2 months ago that my husband moved to the US after obtaining his IV through the US consulate. Yesterday, only two months after, he left his phone behind, and while he was at work, I checked his phone and found that he's active not only on 1 dating website but a few others! There was also a profile of a female offering s*x in some dating site that I am not familiar with and there was a 'mutual like' between his and her profile. I am feeling really down because this was my 2nd marriage and it took just two months and I feel like a total failure and felt really hurt. I spent around $15K on him while he lived overseas as he became broke after a certain period and I was forced to also pay for our trips at the times we met overseas. Is this a ground for an annulemnt? All I have are his dating profile photos and the few photos of half naked women in his phone, plus that s*x profile where they both likd each other. I heard annulment is tough to get, so should I just file for a divorce instead of an annulment to save myself the energy and the headach? P.S. Since he just moved to the US, his green card hasn't even arrived yet. I chckd his case status and it shows the day when we paid for his card which as April 1st, the day he entered the US. I asked him to leave so he's no longer living in my house, but he sure is beginning me to take him back. He now claims that he's only there because I am on facebook lol and how does he know if I'm not talking to men on FB. Mind you that my Fb profile is closed and you can only see my profile photo there, the rest are not for the public and I also ahd our mutual photos on Fb, so I don't se where the logic is in what he claims since I put up our family photos while his own FB doesn't have one single photo of us. What can I do now because I rally don't want him to get his g.c.... 1) Should I go to court tomorrow and immediately try to get annulment and servie it to him? 2) an I contact USCIS and tell them not to send his g.c. to my address and explain why? 3) Should I not do anything right now, wait for his g.c. to arrive and not give it to him but rather print the datign site evidence, write a statement, and send the g.c. with the evidence back to whichever USCIS? 4) Will his 2 month living with me hurt his g.c. in the long run even if he manages to get his g.c. if it arrives soon? What would be the best and most effective option for me? Again, after so many thousands of dollars lost, my 35-38 years wait time gone for thinking that I finally got married again, I really don't think he should be getting that card because I invested to much money and time into this relationship and helped him out with everything, and all I get is him on dating sites within two month...it could be even after he entered the US, but since I only discovered him a few days ago two month into our reunion as husband and wife, I am saying two month. Please help!!!
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