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  1. Same here. We were the 4th. apparently some people who were DQd in February 2021 got appointments ahead of us. Genuinely at a loss with how that happened?! NVC of course was no help and just said “you’re in the queue”.
  2. Yes. Irish candidates heard on 18 May for June appts. Annoyingly, some of those who heard on the 18th were DQ’d AFTER ours (we were Dec. 4; they were Feb 2021).
  3. I just told them that we know several people who have had interviews ahead of us and told them the dates of those interviews. That’s when person 1 said “it’s not possible” and person 2 said Ireland isn’t giving interviews (false!). They both said in order for them to do ANYTHING about it, they’d need the peoples’ case information... which is absurd?! The people I’ve spoken to won’t give it to me understandable as we are complete strangers. I filled out the contact form on NVC with same info and will see what they said. I also sent an email to both the embassy and my Representative back at home. I haven’t had any responses but if months go by and we continue to hear nothing, I’m contacting a lawyer.
  4. Thank you so much for your reply. It’s helpful at least to know that we aren’t crazy and it’s happened to other people. If we have to wait for an appointment a little longer that’s no problem, but we were scared that they’ve forgotten about us! Hoping that’s not the case...
  5. Hi- no they’ll tell me that my case is “in the queue” but if I want to say that other people have been scheduled before me, they asked for that person’s case number and DOB. Which I don’t have.
  6. Hey thanks for the reply! The problem is they also wanted the DOB of both the petitioner and applicant and the only person who I’ve been messaging isn’t comfortable giving me that information (fair enough).
  7. We were documentarily qualified on the 4th of December and have been waiting on an interview schedule since then. (We are in Ireland). There are at least three people who were DQ’d *after* us, on 14 Dec, 12 Feb, and 16 Feb respectively, who have all now received interview dates yesterday (May 18th) for June. Did we get skipped in the Q?? How does this happen? When phoning the NVC, the first woman we spoke to claims this never happens.... she then asked us to give her the case information of those who have been scheduled (private information, surely?!), in order for her to flag it. Since it is private information we asked if she could flag it without those details, to which she said no. We rang again, the second woman we spoke to then proceeded to tell us the same thing, while also claiming that Ireland has not released ANY interview dates, which we know is completely false, as many people have had their interviews this month (May) and been approved, in addition to the new June appointments. What do we do?! It seems that all they could tell us is that “we are in the queue”, but if people who were DQ’d after us get interviews before us, then surely this is a mistake?! Please help. We are at a loss and have no idea what to do.
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