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  1. Timeline 1- applied for i-130 on october 2020 2- approval on april 2021 then transferred to statetravel gov 3-finish all support on april 2021 now i dont know what's next consulate Jordan
  2. Hello , now I'm done with filling all the affidavit of support so 1- What's next and how long it take to get the visa interview 2 - How long it take to get the visa on hand after interview Thank you for helping me.
  3. This keep getting more complicated , now what should i do ??? I am filing a i 130 now and now you said i dont need and i can not file it but instead go a head and try to get a passport for her in her home country now what if i can not go there what if i went there and applied for a passport how long this will take ?
  4. I DID AS permanent resident YES , then before i get the approval i went through citizenship processing and i update my status as petitioner from resident to a citizen and then they approved my status upgrade and approve my i 130 im confused do i need to find i 130 again for my daughter or no , because after approval the notice and the NVC dont have any information about our daughter only my wife.
  5. So how long this will take to get my daughter i 130 approved , do i need to file any other forms i need both to be together i can not leave my daughter alone .
  6. She is my biological daughter and she live with my wife overseas , before i apply for the i 130 someone told me i don't need separate i 130 for our daughter , this i add my daughter name to my i 130 and i upgraded my status from resident to U.S citizen before i get my i 130 approved are you sure of what you are saying guys , i just read this here and it says no need to file separate forms for my daughter https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/your-relative-had-children-after-i-130-approved-can-they-immigrate-too.html someone please tell me for sure .
  7. Yes she is my biological daughter , she was born before i get my citizenship i did not apply for U.S passport for her yet she is not here yet .
  8. Hello , I don't know what's going on my i 130 approved and when i was working to submit more paperwork i don't see my daughter info there only my wife i applied for my wife and daughter to come to live with me in the state but the only one shows in the Consular Electronic Application Center is my wife is it normal ? will my daughter be able to travel with my wife , my daughter is 5 years old . i did add her name on the i 130 , please someone help me
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