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  1. Maybe I’m over thinking it, I read that there is a guideline for officers To presume misrepresentation when certain things happen within 90 days
  2. Hello! My boyfriend is from the UK and I I am from the US. We have been traveling for the past two years occasionally entering the US under the ESTA program but always leaving on time. He entered in February of this year and we intended to leave, but now we have decided we’d like to stay more permanently in the US, stop traveling, And commit to our relationship so now we are engaged! Woohoo! How do I prove that we did not intend to get married when he entered in January? I read on a site about a 90 day rule that if we get married within 90 days it suggests visa fraud. Should we wait till his visa expires to get married? we don’t really care if he loses his ESTA eligibility just don’t want to get denied
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