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    Our Timeline<br><br>K-1 Visa <br>05/03/03 I-129F petition mailed to NSC<br>05/06/03 NOA1 sent<br>11/18/03 Received RFE snail mail<br>11/20/03 Sent RFE back certified return receipt (day 199) <br>11/24/03 NSC recieved RFE response (per online status)<br>11/26/03 Online Status APPROVED!!! 205 days<br>12/03/03 NOA2 received dated 11/26 Postmarked 11/28<br>12/09/03 Called NVC to check status... approved and sent out to Amsterdam today!!!!<br>12/15/03 Jaap received Packet 3 dated 12/12/03!<br>01/26/04 Jaap received I-134<br>02/05/04 Jaap sends checklist back to Consulate<br>02/10/04 Jaap receives Packet Four<br>03/04/04 Interview date<br>03/10/04 New Medical Date (missed first appointment)<br>03/17/04 Visa approved!!!!!!!!<br>03/22/04 VISA IN HAND!!!<br>07/23/04 Jaap's flight date!!<br>POE is JFK!<br><br>08/09/04 Filed for SSN and marriage license<br>08/23/04 Married! ~~Sigh~~<br><br>09/09/04 Jaap received SSN<br>10/17/04 Sent AOS to Cleveland<br>10/20/04 Return receipt for AOS<br>10/28/04 NOA's for EAD and AOS receipt date 10/26/04<br>12/06/04 Biometrics Appointment in Cleveland<br>12/10/04 EAD approved!<br>12/18/04 Received EAD card in mail<br>03/17/05 Jaap started his new job!<br>06/28/05 AOS Interview Date!

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    Adjustment of Status (approved)
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    Nebraska Service Center
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    Jaap and I met on Emozion, an MSN group, in May of 2001. We started really talking daily in November of that year and December 9th, he told me that he loved me ::wub:: He booked a flight for the US in January 2002. On January 23rd we got engaged here in my kitchen. A wine cooler, shared in two green-stemmed wine glasses, was our toasting tool ;) He's since been here three more times and I've been to Holland once in October 2002, when I met his whole family. He is the love of my life, I've kissed enough jerks to know that he's the frog I want to kiss for the rest of my life. I want to wake up to him everyday, go to sleep with him every night. I want to share my thoughts and feelings with him always. I've never found another who completes me like he does. He's very understanding. Though he can be a bit stubborn, we hardly ever argue and when we do, we just talk until we have it all talked out. We cry, we laugh, we go on. One thing that a long-distance relationship has taught me is how very important trust and communication are. Even though I could have found "a man from your own country", I would never give back this opportunity, which for me is a once in a lifetime chance at real true happiness that has been lacking in my life for so very long. He makes me look at the other side to each coin. I'm a more open and accepting person than I was before I met him and I am forever grateful for him. I thank his parents for bringing such a wonderful man into this world and I'll never let him go. I love you baby!
    And you always knew that Kermit and Miss Piggy were always meant to be together HEHEHEH

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