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  1. Oh! Damn, I didn't know there was a two year waiting period. Thanks for the reply. So I can only travel to India on a tourist visa even after marriage (for two years), is that what you are saying?
  2. Hey all, I am a US citizen and my boyfriend is Indian. We have been dating for four years now. For the most part of our relationship, I have been in India on a tourist visa. Other times, my boyfriend has come to US twice (once on a F1 visa and once on a B1/B2). I was in India last year when the lockdown was announced and left on a repatriation flight. We waited for almost a year hoping India would open its borders for tourists, but we aren't waiting any longer. Since my boyfriend has a valid tourist visa and US is allowing tourists in, we are considering that my boyfriend fly down to US, we get married here in Virginia, I get an OCI card and we both fly back to India. We intend to live in India for a few years and may move to US in the future. (Our families have met. We lived with his parents in India. All cool.) How do we go about doing this and how long will the entire process take? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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