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  1. I figured as such. Thank you so much for clarifying! Absolutely mad to think about how I lost a privilege I once took for granted being Canadian because of my potential immigration to the US. And okay, great news. There are some flights with layovers in Canada but only to specific destinations in MX.
  2. Hi there! Seems you know a lot about this.. Is the three year rule basically presence for 2 years and 6 months (meaning you only left for 6 months in total), and thus can apply for naturalization then?
  3. It was absolutely devastating at the time and I was just so lost I had no idea, I was stuck in the Frankfurt airport crying my eyes out on this website lol. This website and the community helped a lot (not the snarky or rude comments, but everyone else! <3) We can see each other this summer but of course, not in the US. Canada for now. Maybe after the world opens up we can meet up in Europe or Mexico as long as the flight isn't through the US... lol. Really had no idea this would happen. But here we are - onwards and upwards. Is there any issue if we file in a year - such as the interviewer asking us why we didn't file immediately? Citing finances would be a real excuse seeing as how the conditional is an extra 680$ plus more for the lawyer etc.
  4. Not sure if this is the correct thinking to have. Of course I would love to have seen her immediately after my flight but now we are trying to be strategic since she's on her contract till summer anyway.
  5. Thanks for clarification! With wait times according to Visa Journey (as per the link you attached) being about 611 days for processing time, seems as if we waited 6 months or so to file the I-130, there is a possibility we would be eligible for IR-1, right? Seems attractive if we hold out short term for longer term gain (e.i. less filing fees, less lawyer fees, documents we need to send in to remove conditional status etc., more time we can spend together afterwards without the risk of getting conditional approval denied - always a possibility)
  6. We have to wait now. No that's not the point. We would need to wait either way. But how is that helpful?
  7. It's much more difficult for her because she's on a contract with work and would need to quit her position to get time off. But it's not impossible, have to wait on the contract to end. It's possible for her to enter Canada with proof.
  8. I was under the impression, i-130 is a visa to get me into the US, and then once I am there I am eligible to apply for the CR-1? Which when successful would grant me a two year green card, that allows me to live and work and travel in and out of the US? And in order to remove those conditions (e.g. get a 10 year), do I need to be married for two years or do I need to have the CR-1 for two years? Thanks in advance for the clarification
  9. So clearing customs even with an outbound flight will not grant me permission onward on my journey? So basically can't fly through any flights that have entry points in the US even with an outbound flight now that there is AOS on my record?
  10. Is the 10 year green card available if it takes two years from the DATE OF MARRIAGE to get the CR1? Because the I-130 is just a visa to get into the US, right? CR1 is where I'd get the green card, travel permit, etc... thanks in advance for clarifying.
  11. My lawyer says with Trump out of the way things will speed up, he estimates 6/8 months. Just FYI Ha ha funny. No the lawyer had a case last month where that happened.
  12. Hi what do you mean by this? When does the two year count down begin? Our date of marriage or when? FYI my lawyer advised me not to do this. OP is a female also.
  13. We got lawyer who's filing I-130 next week. Do you know what would happen if I booked a flight to Mexico for us to meet up, and had a layover in the US? There's no directs out of Canada right now that I'm aware of. Would I be banned from flying through the US as well with this mark on my record?
  14. For one, Americans can't go into the US. Or Europe. And say I wanted to go to Mexico. Layovers in US? I'm assuming I can't take those flights right?
  15. Okay but my question is this. Say we go to meet up in Mexico or anywhere in South America.... there is no direct flights from Canada. Lay over in the US - I will not be allowed in. Okay let's meet up in Europe... American's not allowed in Europe right now.... you see my dilemma? I'm not saying that those are the only places we can meet up but then we start considering Asia.. and that's nearly a 15 hour flight. Most likely with lay overs in the US. Expensive flights, taking time off work we can't afford this etc. You guys are all so critical and saying well go see her, but it's really not that simple. And OP is another female. FYI.
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