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  1. Yes, I provided the original certificate with the certified translation from Hungarian to English.
  2. Hi, yes. It turned out that a certificate for non residents looks the same but it has another wording in the main body paragraph. I ordered this certificate from a third party agency and explained them what the certificate should say word by word, and they were able to obtain it for me.
  3. To be continued...We obtained a new certificate from the Hungarian Embassy in March 2021, and this certificate hasn't been accepted either with the same standard message "Please replace this with an acceptable police certificate from a correct issuing authority. Please use our Document Finder at https://nvc.state.gov/find for acceptable documents guidelines." I attached two screenshots of the certificate (top and bottom of the same page) that was issued by the Hungarian Embassy. I blacked out the personal info. I do not know what to do as there is no other document that you can get at the Hungarian Embassy.
  4. It is just frustrating. Then my mom's certificate should not have been accepted either as it expired in mid Oct but it was accepted in Nov. I will wait for the supervisor's review, someone should know the answer. And it is very strange that the first two reasons for the rejection were not related to the expiration. It is not easy to get a new one as it can be obtained only in person at the Hungarian Embassy which is located in Moscow, and my parents do not live in Moscow, they had to travel there two times to get it (first time to request it and second time to get it) 😭I will try to ask the supervisor to override it and let my dad bring a current certificate on the interview. Btw, when the interview is scheduled for my mom, can she change the date? She won't go there without my dad as they are planning to come to the US together, that's why all the documents were submitted simultaneously for both cases.
  5. Yes, it does meet the specifications in the DoS reciprocity table. The first thing I did when we received the notice that my dad's Hungarian Police certificate was not accepted was checking their guidelines. I asked my dad if they had mentioned at the Hungary Embassy that they needed it for the US immigrant visa and he said "yes". When I first talked to the NVC representative on the phone, she looked at this certificate too and said she did not know why it was not accepted and suggested to resubmit the same certificate. I did email at usconsular.budapest@state.gov but they just sent me an instruction how to obtain a police certificate, that's it. So no help from them. And I think it does matter that one of the certificate was accepted without any problem and another one is not taking into account that these were the identical certificates.
  6. Hi all, I submitted all the required documents for my mom and dad to NVC in August 2020. One of the documents they had to submit both was Hungarian Police Certificate (They obtained it on July 14th 2020, submitted to NVC in on Aug 29th). The certificate said that it expires in 90 days after it was issued. So at the time it was submitted it was valid. In November 2020 we recieved a notification that my mom's case got approved while my dad's Hugarian police certificate got rejected with the explanation "please submit a document from a correct issuing authority per guidelines". I checked the guidelines and the certificate, the issuing authority was correct. I called NVC, and the representative did not know why my mom's certificate got accepted and my dad's not, and she suggested to resubmit the same certificate and add a note that the issuing authority is correct. I did it right away in November 2020. On March 1st we received the same notification saying that it was rejected and we need submit a document from a correct issuing authority per guidelines. I used the AskNVC form and asked why my mom's certificate was accepted while my dad's not, and why we are asked to provide a document from a correct issuing authority if it was issued by the authority stated in the guidelines. I also called NVC and the case got escalated to a supervisor review. Today we received a notification saying that his police certificate has expired, please submit a new one. #######? I feel like I am running in circles. First two reasons did not mention anything about expiration. Looks like they are just trying to find a reason to reject it. I called NVC but I was told i need to wait until Monday as the case hasn't been reviewed by the supervisor yet. Does it matter that at the time the certificate was submitted, it was valid? It is not my fault that it took NVC a lot if time to review the case, plus if following the logic, my mom's certificate should have been rejected too. Did anyone have a similar situation?
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